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Proved Daily Actions To Profits!

Below is a picture of my mentor and meeting him in person after over 10 years of reading his books, attending functions, and seeing things on line. Seeing multiplication of profits in multiple business endeavors over the years. Fortune 500 companies pay him top dollar to train their most elite professionals in leadership. It was a blessing having my picture taken with John Maxwell.

Earl & John Maxwell pic

Over the years it is clear the facts have proved 97% of start up companies fail in under 6 months time. 97% of beginners who attempt to earn from home fail as well.

So to us it simply made sense to put together in demand monthly tools that pay you income on top of help you to multiply profits for entrepreneurs, all in one place, including the educational how to accomplish on line with any business!

Every month these solutions are needed meaning the income is reproduced month after month. The beauty of this industry over brick and mortar is operation expenses monthly to accomplish 100k plus annual or monthly incomes. Are less than what a smoker spends daily for cigarettes, A coffee drinker spends on a couple per day, A fruit & veggie smoothie drinker.

Many fortunes have been earned on monthly business expenses totaling under $500 per month and continue to be earned every single month in this industry!

Yes folks we are grown ups here, no need to sugar coat the proven fact. That real business does not start or operate for free! We are sharing the 3% facts that have created fortunes in this industry today!

An advantage you have in the work from home world is those plastic cards with visa or master even a few others. A 90 day push of daily actions to profits is proved to be the foundation to over 90% of the million dollar income streams in the world today!

Funny thing is the 97% that fail only expect to pay nothing and think to themselves. If I can not hit my fortune in the first month its a scam! Wow have you ever in your life planted a garden and worked it to a harvest?

It took time daily dedication of efforts and patience to have the success. When you work the process properly failure is not an option! Some work the process every year and enjoy the harvest. Others end up purchasing store bought because they lacked the discipline to apply the proper actions daily.

Entrepreneurship is a process of seed planting daily=finding people of interest for what is offered. Weed pulling = helping those who have been taught wrong practices to understand the correct ones. The daily sun and water = proper follow up. Major life changes happen in everyone’s life every 90 days!

You understand you need tools for the garden, and the soil must be prepared. In Entrepreneurship you will need tools and education on how to maximize profits with them through the process of doing business.

On Line Tools

Credit cards are the tool to leverage your start up cost, monthly operation expenses, to have a plan of daily actions to profits over 90 days practiced to produce the 10k in total earnings with over 1k in residuals in the majority of earning opportunities out there!

The 3% group of successful entrepreneurs either used a bank, credit card, or private loan to have the capital to plan the work and work the plan for an entire work quarter!

Home business you can leverage 12k in start up to under 4 hundred in monthly payments on a card, with a bank loan even lower! With the start up costs, operation expenses covered and only the daily actions needed to complete the plan it leaves only that option for the focus of the entrepreneur keeping the process simple!

The confidence is behind the voice with every conversation because the fact stands all is covered for the next 3 months! As long as the planned daily actions are present consistently at the end of the process is a debt free full time income on part time efforts that is multiplying in growth month after month!

People only Follow Leaders Who Are Confident and Know the path to the Destination!

As a person equips themselves for success properly. Then puts that 90 day action plan into writing the magic takes place that creates that expert drawing magnetism most people think you have to be born with to succeed. When is simply accomplished by proper preparation before the journey.

Congratulations for reading this far we invite you to click on the link below to see a less than 25 minute presentation of how we can help you achieve with facts, daily actions to profits, and live person help. Having what entrepreneurs need and getting paid for those monthly solutions is fun and an adventure that can pay your family down generations to come click link below!


We enjoy helping folks achieve this is a blog post look to your upper left see {Recent Posts} lots of morsels of info to help on line entrepreneurs today!

Just like the bear in the pic below, When you know how to fish on line the family don’t go hungry. Congrats for taking the time to see some truth that can set you free!

Big bear with fish




Actions that separate failure from success for Entrepreneurs

90% of USA wealth held by 3% of its population here one habit all three percent folks practice ALL OF THEM.

When you have a company helping folks with no prior history of earning on line or with any home business earning their first checks with daily actions to profits over hype it’s a blessing fun to enjoy!

3 months into Action to be ranked number one on that is simply exciting to see a path any person with a work ethic and understanding no such thing as something for nothing can achieve with.

Bill Gates even speaks of the importance to have a coach in what ever it is you want to achieve with. Experts in athletics and business all have a coach. We would be honored to coach you. Our links do not bite and you can always opt off the list should you not be satisfied with our emails. Our aim is to bring you Christian coaching with real fundamentals to help you achieve a phone call or mouse click away.

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Below is the picture of my personal mentor and coach John Maxwell most sought after leadership trainer on the planet.

Earl & John Maxwell pic

Are you ready to embrace the solutions that secure you?

Hear our mastermind group Monday – Friday here is our radio show from today full of morsels helping many achieve who have not had success before

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How to work for success in today’s age of Entrepreneurship

Hype and Hope feel good and are often an old school trainers best friends. Yet 97% teaching that way fail!

Daily Actions to Profits bring $$$ you know, just the key to being an entrepreneur in the first place.

Ready for some truth that may hurt but sets many free?

Looking back when my job was to take out a person with no experience teach them how to earn over a hundred dollars in one day door to door with frozen meat.

When they had a desire to succeed and were willing to put in the proper efforts as I demonstrated them with actions over hype. The duplication was 100% success every single time.

On the other hand when the trainee would try to create a short cut or skip necessary steps to the sale 100% failure rate happened every time. So what was the secret to the success in the picture?

3 way calls are a blessing and a curse to this industry! The honest leaders have built fortunes on the three way call as a follow up exposure. Yet there are many dishonest leaders who built many fortunes and lost them and are starting them over again. Why do you think that is?

Tools used wrong do not produce. So if you have been burned by a up line leader as they stole your prospect it sucks. Now we are going to share how to overcome this little road block.  When the three way call is used the format is the same with each call with give or take the 4 different personality types of people.

The cycle is the same just the wording a tad bit different for each personality type. So a professional leader should be able to bring you a script with the exact trial and error proved wording for each personality type for what ever opportunity it is you run with.

If your up line does not have this kind of info ask yourself if you want to take the chance of them taking the hottest prospect you bring them for themselves or another team member they find more suitable?

When your the small fry in the bag and they are the big cheese on the burger, who is the company going to back up? Should be you but that is often hardly ever the case. The big guy with the volume is favored more than the little beginner.

The glue that will secure your future is always you not the guru.

Plan your work & work your plan daily!

 Were you expecting a big long drawn out explanation? Repetition is the mother of all instruction. In frozen meat sales we had 3 steps hook, show, and close. The more you practice those three the better your earnings. 100 doors per day to average 5 presentations to close $100-300 in profits was the key.

Over 75% of the time the prospect at the door had suggestions that are simply not very christian to repeat to put it lightly. 5% of the time you knew if you put in the 100 people spoke too through out the day a sale with the commissions most earned in a week of labor was accomplished.

Would you believe that after 15 years of practice I could do in 25 doors what used to take 100 doors because practice perfected the procedure!

My first up line mentor in network marketing has today over 10 million a month in earnings!

He had a formula 1 hour per night 5 nights per week was a proper demonstration and sampling of what was offered for a solution to a persons problem that they purchased. You refuse to take this minimum action weekly you were asked not to get started!

5 people on the team with a simple one hour commitment to their own success with a proper demonstration of what was there meant at the end of the week 26 productive hours of actions to profits went through the team and as a result each person doing the work enjoyed pay!

At the end of one year 5 more selected and the process was started again. The proof from the team actions from the year before showed 100% success and each leader earned over 5k per month on 5 hours per week with a team well over 100 people each!

A one year commitment of 5 hours per week operated by the book properly consistently created the fortunes and still to this day the process is duplicated every year. Understand Success is nothing more than a perfected Process!

Persistence + Consistency = Efficiency

We have room to train and help those who want to work their way to success and not expect a free lunch. Business has 3 key factors for every person on the planet earning money. 1. Start up cost. 2. Monthly operation expenses. 3rd is daily efforts to profits.

97% of companies offering the ground floor starting today will be gone in 6 months time. They cater to the lies of start for free, it takes nothing to operate, and the money falls out of the sky due to magic timing of the opportunity itself. 

Do you not deserve better than that?

Enter your info in our capture page we enjoy following up with people and planning an actual road map to success before you spend money to begin! Your info is not sold we just want to help a person work for the success they desire to achieve

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When you have the proper coaching with the latest proven on line tools success is kind of hard to miss! Congratulations for taking the time to see proven steps to success. We enjoy helping people this is a blog post has many more morsels of help for entrepreneurs with more to come look to {recent posts} on your upper left now and see more that can help. May God bless you this year past your imagination!

On Line Tools


1 Hour daily actions to 7 leads on line

7 Real Prospects 1 hour or 35 in 7 hours!

Success always takes daily actions to profits consistently.

When you know 18 million and growing United States people are on line with websites needing real visitors. On line  traffic is simple to recognize as a trend. The so called catch in our industry is the ability to get the websites or blog posts are simple but the folks to send to them is the missing piece!

All careers on line have amateurs, half way serious, and all in committed. 97% of companies starting out today with ground floor will fail bottom line. What they all have in common is to advertise a All IN Committed Expert opportunity to the amateur class of employee with a tiny fraction of a view of the major freedom earned with Entrepreneurship.

97% of that class of entrepreneur quit as fast as it is recognized that larger scale earning happens with 3 major ingredients. Start up Cost, Monthly operation expenses, and Daily actions to profits.

Most of the Amateur entrepreneurs have been fed more bull sh** than facts and promised something for nothing. They can recognize you need leads to operate and it takes work to get them. They fail to recognize the process can be sped up quickly purchasing traffic on a major scale as they develop it on a daily practice to profits to maximize on their earnings.

We started small learned to generate 7-10 to 35 leads in a day on our time committed efforts between 1-7 hours. As we grew invested into paid traffic, had it configured to a daily amount distributed over 30 days. As we continued to drive traffic we generate ourselves daily and the difference is the ability to enjoy

A full time career in the comfort of our home. You may start small or jump all in either way help is here for you a phone call or mouse click away!

Face Book, Twitter, Linkedin, google, instagram, utube, and craigslist.

So look at all 7 above social networks connect with entrepreneurs in each one and share your solution that relates to their lifestyle. As that solution saves them money monthly, and multiply their profits, as well pay them each week for the team members referred to the tools.

Well it is not hard to earn when those are the solutions you have to share with one out of each social network per day in a single hour or 5 out of each per day in just under 7 per hour of efforts totaling thirty five leads in one day.

As we have much deeper training with a 10k road map over 90 days of part time actions people with no experience are achieving with weekly like never before. The question to ask is…… are you willing to see the truth setting many free now?

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Congratulations for seeing a path of truth to freedom when backed with daily actions we are always adding to the team. This is a blog post meaning look to your upper left and {recent posts} is full of morsels helpful to entrepreneurs today. Like our news letter blog post enter your info into our page below

Welcome to new school learning and earning


Leading with actions to profits daily brings $$$

Recognize problem Schedule Solution

Always understand no person on Earth has a desire to see your solution to the problem that they have until first they know you care and are going to

be there to help them with that solution!

2 major problems face the majority 97% of the worlds population face.

More month than money and family with friends all been through the old fashion tricks to the dog and pony show to a million dollar income. So ware are the prospects for the big business opportunity of the day?

Recognize 97% of the big ground floor biz opps will fail with in 6 months of starting promising little effort and no money to the big bucks.

The fakes and odds against you companies are simple to spot.

Do the owners have the guts to put their hearts into the people promoting the solutions bringing the pay? Most of them have a $500 to $12,000 if you do not pony up the dough than you never get to see what the daily actions that the people earning the big bucks are doing!

Think about this with common sense. What if you had the business bringing in the bucks for the people spending money and taking daily actions to succeed with? Now wouldn’t you value all the people who spent money to begin to have all the proper actions to profits?

So think about that carefully before you choose to invest big bucks lots of companies have their little clicks and groups of only a short few earning the bucks yet the majority fail. When your income depends on duplication, why would you not share the habits to the bucks unless there is something hidden that is not quite rite?

Ever heard the words if you are not coach-able than no help for you?

Know in real business there are always start up costs, monthly operation expenses, and daily work habits to achieve. When a leader hides any of these from you till you spent money to begin first. MAJOR RED FLAG!

When your ready to see the solutions enter your information into our capture page so we can follow up with you on a real scale and assist you to the success your heart desires!

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When you take a look at your upper left you will see a section in this blog post titled {recent posts} there are lots of morsels quite helpful for today’s entrepreneurs and many more on the way!

May God bless you this year past your imagination congratulations for taking the time to see some truth with the ability to set you and many others free.

What we have as a project healthy wealth paid member

We aim to serve our clients by


saving you monthly expenses in operation costs.

Help them establish an on line presence sharing the features, advantage, and benefits of what they have to bring on line to market from their off line world.

Your self maintained blog account with email complete with emails having  video coaching of how to operate and run their blog post. Unlimited posts self managed. $30 per month 1$ per day for protected blog and professional email address. As well a one half hour $250 personal phone coaching session free of charge!

Basic 3 to 5 picture feature, advantage, benefit blog post with call to action and paypal email address for payment collection feature directly to clients.  1 basic professionally put together blog post per week each month. $90 $3 dollars per day for done for you blog and local area group posting.

As blogging is a process and 90 days is its proper cycle you will want to begin with 3 months service up front. Any less does not have your content advertised enough on the net in your field of what is offered to establish the foundation of a loyal following on line base of clients for what you would have to offer!

SO Basic 1 dollar a day first 3 months up front then monthly charges begin in month 4! Total expense for 1st quarter is $90

Advanced account will be 3 dollar a day at $270 for first quarter and monthly charges begin in month 4!

This service is only for advanced real entrepreneurs who wish to bring their off line items for sale on line. Or advertise their internet business opportunities. If you have never attempted either this would be a waste of money for you to fly blind in a storm so to speak! 

So we only offer this through over the phone coaching as we set things up around your goals, desires, and prices for what you have to profit with. 

Coach Earl Teats can be contacted at 1-406-291-9190 hours available by phone 9am-8pm  Monday-Friday.

We are a Christian Coaching Program brought to you by The Servants Team Missionary Out reach of Troy Montana. Funds we raise allow us to bless others in need and impact life for the better in many ways!

here is our out reach site that the funds from all different sources of income through project healthy wealth support. The larger we grow the more we will be able to provide.

As a leader I went to the best to develop my skills to assist you to the best potential! Fortune 500 companies pay my mentor the big bucks to train their most elite! It really was a blessing to have my pic taken with John Maxwell below!

It will be a blessing to share with you daily actions to profits with integrity and truth that lets you sleep at night like a baby.

Earl & John Maxwell pic

5 Fundamentals to list building multiplying profits today

When you know how the 3% fish for business you simply do not go hungry!

Big bear with fish

97% of entrepreneurs are missing just 1 & it keeps them trapped in a failure zone!

Remember your why???

This blog post is going to have some information that is the heart and blood of all your entrepreneurial efforts!

Education Pic

When you have proper preparation, followed by the

Correct Daily Actions

Benefiting others with savings on monthly operation costs,

profits that multiply monthly, &

Pay Weekly!

Income Becomes The Target Not Missed!

Your info will not be sold as we are adding to the team with a need to communicate

with you quickly for Maximum success on your end of

consistent daily actions to profits. You deserve success click below

If this 1 thing is wrong 97% failure rate for entrepreneurs!

Do you know the objective your after?

Have you considered what the daily agenda of activities are that lead up to the completion of the task you desire to accomplish?

Will you desire the accomplishment enough to survive the up hill climb and through the road blocks that are in the path to the top?

road to success pic

When The answer is yes to all three above questions the odds are now in your favor for success. Just one (NO) to the 3 questions places you

in the 97% failure category!

America is considered the best blessing on earth for freedom.

Yet this country was not made in the blink of an eye

at a cost for free.

Just the founding members had to put their lives on the line knowing that signing their name on the dotted line meant only one road left to travel.

Give me Victory or Death!

The end result was freedom from working to hand the royal’s over 50% of your daily earnings! The comfort of knowing if the royal Red Coat liked the looks of your wife or daughter he simply raped them for his own pleasure at will. As you could do nothing about it because it was considered the way it was.

As famous motivational expert {Tony Robins} says

Is the pain of the problem strong enough to drive you through the path to solution that 97 of a hundred folks fail to complete?”


If Your Why you want to be an Entrepreneur is not strong enough to drive you through the road blocks and pitfalls on the journey to the top failure

will be the end result every single time!

you deserve success and we have a road map with live help each step of the way click the link below it will not bite enter your info in our page it is not sold and we will be able to keep in contact and help you succeed!

Road map of daily actions to profits on line!

Welcome to Solutions Will Profit Christian home business coaching with multiple income streams

Pic below is myself with John Maxwell fortune 500 companies pay him to train their most elite in leadership. I wanted to learn from the best to bring you the best!

Earl & John Maxwell pic

Solutions Will Profit is our Brand name to help you achieve we bring you solutions that

Save entrepreneurs on line monthly operation costs

Multiply profits each month as action is applied

Provide on line tools that pay you both weekly and Monthly as they multiply profits for your MLM or affiliate business practices.

Three trends to Capitalize on in one little place with live person coaching! On line Branding, Lead Generation, and communications/entertainment.


Trend One On Line Branding

Branding pic

When practicing as an on line entrepreneur you must brand yourself over the company name you are representing for two reasons. One if the company tanks what does that do for your reputation?

Two is if you want to represent more than one opportunity or company to promote what they have to earn commissions on. It is less confusing to your clients. Over 95% of most million dollar earners have more than one income stream branding yourself over company keeps this process simple.

The skill sets of how to professionally locate prospects on line, understand what to say with how to say it, utilization of all Social Networks, as well the ability to automate several time saving strategies to your success with all your marketing efforts.

We bring you this training from a 7 figure earner who generated over 200k This year 2015 in earnings with what is taught from start to finish in two months time!

No home parties, No 3 way calls, No in banquet room hotel lobby meetings, and No meet in a cafe/lounge/home for a one on one sales presentations!

All completed from home behind computer!!!

 A simple on line tool that educates you and pays you 20 dollars for every person you refer it to who uses it monthly. Priced at under $2 per day with a Free trial to begin with no risk!

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On Line Tools

On Line Tools are a must here are a few that pay you as they generate profits on top of the pay you get as a member!

When you have an on line lead generation system that actually works you can give away free as a gift for email address it allows you a lead magnet to form a list of prospects with. Complete with Google hang out pages to do professional presentations for any opportunity with. Domains that have link tracking into them priced under 14 bucks a year! Unlimited Auto res-ponders & more!

Under 2 bucks per month for this on line tool also pays out $20+ both weekly & Monthly commissions! Nothing like tools that pay you as they help you profit!

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Lead generation pic number two

What on line business owner does not want clicks on their website? These clicks are genuine folks from USA or Canada that have a legitimate interest in a home business! Not some kid in India getting paid 10 cents per day to click on 1000 websites.

Now take this real traffic and have it through a sales funnel with solutions that bring even more traffic with out having to pay for it to any website. These funnels created by the most successful funnel creator over last 5 years and tested with real traffic bringing some of the highest conversion rates in the industry today!

Once this traffic completes its course through the funnel you now have a list of leads for any business you own and a residual income from sales made in the funnels that list went through!

Then you run this list through your MLM, Affiliate, or Internet offers to even maximize your profits even more!

A live radio show daily on blog talk radio that 7 figure earners who have trained from scratch 7 figure students mastermind with all who call in each day Monday – Friday 9am Mt time Zone!

 This major paying opportunity with commissions from $20 to $4000 per sale! could you imagine 8 $4000 sales in one day potential of $32000!!!

It has been done already!

Risk Free under $2 per day expense to profit in many ways!

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Trend 3

communications pic

When you recognize the majority of families with incomes higher than 20k per year are spending on dish/cable programming average of over $90 per month.

Deregulation has hit the tv dish industry just like it did the telecommunications industry in the late 90’S phone bills averaged 300 + per month all regulated to average 50 per month bringing savings and million dollar earners from offering that to the public.

Today cable/dish are now deregulating and it is your turn to have a one time fee box that now provides even more per month than dish/cable could ever provide!

Live stream in SD, and HD, have 3D on your TV, apps, games, even Kerokee! 100,000 movies on demand, 50,000 plus tv shows live, past & present even surf the web! all under $420 one time to save potentially A THOUSAND OR MORE PER YEAR!


Two leg comp plan when you click on link it is under $60 to get started enroll on the right side we all are building that side first! If you want the beyond tv box and do not want to be a distributor that option is there too!

3 boxes sold in one week with bonus is over $500 in commissions!

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All of the three trends combined less than $7 dollars per day on minimum scale for operating monthly expense! Recognize this is less than a smoker spends cash for that is on welfare to enjoy their daily habit. Most definitely puts entrepreneurship in a position that a person wanting to succeed bad enough can achieve with.

Understand there is no such thing as something for nothing. 97% of work from home companies fail that start up each year! 97% of people who attempt to earn on a home business fail to do do every year!

Our specialty is to practice the habits of the 3% who succeed! 90% of America’s wealth is held by 3% of its population and those three percent are not employees but entrepreneurs.

The road to success leaves behind major clues all 3% plan their daily actions to profits in writing for a minimum of 1 work quarter up to a 5 year business plan. So as a client we prefer to help you put this plan of attack together in writing to put yourself at least in the 3% group of success from day one!

There are blessings behind credit cards for taking the sting out of the first work quarter of operation for a home business. 97% fail because they do not budget in monthly operation expenses because the majority of the get rich quick schemes are geared to lead you to believe you can build an empire of entrepreneurs for free!

Nothing could be further from the truth! Today even a high ticket start up say 12,000 can be financed with even the first 3 months of operation expenses on a visa or master card. Monthly payments on this are usually under $400 allowing the little entrepreneur the ability to afford to invest into the big leagues of earning!

As the proper daily actions to profits are applied for one work quarter often all or the majority of the start up is earned in commissions with at least over a thousand in monthly residuals potentially from that point on with the ability to multiply from there!

Most opportunities end at this point leaving the work to make the money a mystery!!!

Not Here now for the old and new school work habits to 10k based on Histories best left behind clues to success!

road to success pic

High Touch {old School} Road map to a million $ income stream with most any company that has been proven for over 40 years on 30 hours per week part time efforts!

Old school earning has a proven trail of clues left behind by success! 25 contacts per day to book 5 appointments for proper exposure of facts to profits. This leads to 1 business builder or consumer of product or service offered. Now duplicating this process in 30 hours part time efforts daily for 90 days has a potential end results average in most network marketing opportunities of $10,000 fast start potential and over $1000 in monthly residuals! 1. on line, face to face, or over phone contacts to appointments to proper exposure to profits. This is the tried and true work daily 2 to 5 years to a million dollar income over 40 years successfully proved!

Here is the Modern New School work habits by using traffic authority as a tool in your prospecting endeavors!

new school earning pic

New School takes the process of today’s tech tools combined with the best over 30 years of expertise in providing paid traffic for consumers with not the hours in their schedule to grind out 375 presentations from 1500 connections to fail 1025 times to even earn a dime. Yet endurance has proved this works like a clock When worked daily two to five years consistently. So by providing 375 clicks to the website of opportunity than this process can be accomplished pretty simple in a 7 to 14 day window rather than three months of daily failing the way to the top.  

Welcome to New School Earning!


All this brought to you by The Servants Team Missionary out reach of Troy Montana Below is a picture of my wife and yours truly

Earl & Dar Servants Team Pic

Our site is

We consider it an honor to lead with integrity and love with real Montana Values it will be a blessing to help you achieve 1-406-291-9190

Montana Way of life pic

Known in our Traffic Authority Family as The Mountain Man our main point is simple for success working from home on line.


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