Make it the best year of your life!

It's about asking the right questions

Before you do anything ask your self this very important question:

Am I willing to work a couple hours  every single day to change my financial outcome?

If your answer is "NO" to the above question then go back to your 9-5 job and be happy with it.

If your answer is "MAYBE" to the above question then that means "NO" so go back to your 9-5 job and be happy with it.

If you answer is "YES" to the above question then read on and I will tell you more about myself and how we may be able to work together.

Earl Teats Coach

26 years ago this young father home from the Army having to make ends meet. Minimum wage 4.25 per hour. Quickly it was noticed a full time job even with overtime worked would not even cover the basic bills.

A customer at the fast food place I worked at asked me if I had the opportunity to earn over a thousand dollars per month working just an hour per day five days per week would I be willing to learn? My immediate answer was "Is it legal and what do I have to do?"

I was told to ask 10 people per day the same question I was just asked. Then schedule 3 appointments to see the information they have requested. 9 months later doing exactly what I was told, my part time income was out producing my full time job by 10 times!

There is only so much time a person can trade for dollars sooner or later another source of income has to be a solution. With this formula of a daily method of operation no one had to sell anything. The skill sets were established of understanding how to show the client how to get from point A now to point B more efficiently.

The age of tech is here and so much can be accomplished on a link with a video to communicate for you while you sleep at night!

Showing today's business owner a way to make the business they invest in to operate... have a higher Return On Investment is a fool proof strategy!

The vision for project healthy wealth is to bring back the edge of a simple business hour practiced either in person or on line. A person has 4 different ways to earn over 100 dollars commissions. Will it happen every single time?... of course not. There will be times when the person recognizes the opportunity for what it is and participates all in with each option that compliments one another in the brand.

How cool is that one hour of bringing solutions turning into over $400! It kind of creates a little urgency to endure the ability to stay consistent one hour a day five days per week with no excuses. The potential earnings are well worth the time commitment adding the ability to create a part time income larger than a full time minimum wage from 40 hours in just five hours per week!

In my heart I know there are parents returning home from military service like I did with a family to feed and at best a minimum wage job is all there is. A person who makes a choice to start life over after past mistakes, crushed credit, and a record can accomplish dreams most view as impossible. Home entrepreneurship is a very big road to freedom I find the adventure worth while. The advantage to our project healthy wealth brand is affordability and simplicity.

Success has left major clues to accomplishment.
Below is a video packed with value for today’s inspiring entrepreneur!

The edge for on line earning in 2019!

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