Understanding Lead Generation for profit

Knowing how to locate clients for business is a major skill set most get wrong! We share the solution to the process below!

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How would it feel to have all the on line tools to brand yourself on line combined with the E-Learning home study courses of the most effective lead generation tactics used in 2018? Would you be heartbroken to take a free test drive?



How to not pick the wrong home business

92% start ups tank under 6 months. Over 90% of rookies fail to earn. We have a solution!

4 key fundamentals must be in play for long term profitability
  1. Will what you practice for business bring God glory?

  2. Will it serve the masses for improvement?

  3. Can the masses afford what is offered?

  4. Can it duplicate simple with residual rewards?


Feeling better side effect free & paid for it too!

Providing the body what it needs don’t have to cost a fortune. Earning a fortune does not take one either!

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Here as a consumer or entrepreneur every purchase feeds a needy American it is a blessing to make a difference sharing solutions. 

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Avoid the pit falls & enjoy profits from a home Business.

A path to profits hype free paving the way to financial freedom in 2018!

 Would you like to learn how to begin a work from home business and avoid the over 90% rate of fail to earn?

Understand most companies do not want you to recognize that the reality… behind the something for nothing advertisement.

It Never converts to a full time income on a part time basis. 

The lure of a fast fortune on easy street to income has been dangled to the public for thousands of years. You may just be familiar with the old saying 

{ What is the catch? or Lets see the fine print!}

As a coach who has actually built a global team from my laptop in the rural mountains of Montana.

It is time to share some secrets of how to know your working with some one who can actually help you achieve.

Over 90% of the time a person is just in a spot to help another person earn their next commission. Told to bring a guest to the next event.

Practice a process of sorting through over a thousand people to find two… sugar coated as just one out of 10 is the being goal. 

The grand Master Earner is dangled to the people promoting a process minus some of the most important ingredients needed to succeed.

Sell what you own and invest! Borrow money from family! Should you want success you will pay the price!

So lets back up a little here and examine what is wrong to identify what actually works, produces, and duplicates!

When your going to run a business should you not understand some key fundamentals to profits before you invest the money?

Should the perfect opportunity present itself

( How many hours per week could you practice business with integrity to produce the profits with no excuses?)

( What will it cost to practice business? Travel, Events, supplies, and tools?)

{ How does the strategy of what is going to be performed for profit going to look with a year long projection… based on time that can be actually applied and a budget showing more profit than operation expenses?}

(What does the plan look like for client acquisition on a professional level out side of begging friends and family to purchase what you have for sale?) 

Ever notice when a kit is sold for a home business these simple little questions are most of the time not even addressed!

Can you imagine another major detail missing from the success puzzle?

What about the most important factor and that is the true market demand for what is offered along with affordability to the masses?

After all success leaves clues they say cater to the masses to hang with the classes

Should 75% of the American population in 2018 be a 600 to a thousand dollar emergency from total financial collapse.

What is the proven path of affordability to cater to those masses as an Entrepreneur?

Always remember what is advertised and what is true are two complete different worlds.

Should their business plan produce from application of it for a year what would be the personal reward for the committed actions be?

How would life look on a day to day basis?

You see the reward has to be so… on a personal scale that when discussed true emotion is experienced. 

Once this is accomplished there is a reason to whether the storms of life as growth takes place from a proverbial entrepreneurial  seed to a fruit producing tree.

With out this simple little reason being the foundation to the entire process.

Failure will be the outcome!

So do not feel bad should you recognize a few missing pieces to the income production from home. 

Odds are you were not coached with a personal action plan and simply sold a kit then instructed to remain coach-able with out question. Do you feel like you deserve better?

Enjoy our newsletters with proven strategy and facts. Simply entering your info into our page will allow you a free coaching session.

It will take place 48 business hours from the day you enter your information.

Yours truly will be connecting with you to discover a real path to profits based on what you desire in life rather than a company agenda.

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Sowing the seeds that profit works!

Earning $ on line is not rocket science but and exact science!

A harvest will never happen with out the seed first being planted. Lead generation as an entrepreneur is no different.

Not every seed planted sprouts and as the process takes its toll timing and circumstances decide when a seed will take hold in the entrepreneurial process.

When you understand the cycle of a seed and the proven process of growth an edge above the competition is in your hands. Entrepreneurial seed planting has a long history of success leaving clues.

In 1947 Author and master sales trainer Frank Bettger wrote a book titled (How I raised myself from failure to success in selling.) A key phrase was coined by Frank that has produced hundreds of million dollar achievers in this field of sales. 

” Should a person present their offer 5 times in a day consistently 5 days per week it is impossible not to make ends meet”

Where do you suppose that Frank found that information out side of his personal actions proving it in his sales career? Would it surprise you that concept was found in the bible?

In the book of Mark Chapter 4 verses 1-20 Jesus Christ himself shares a universal law most miss by miles that does not fail. Plant 5 seeds 4 fail to produce and 1 will produce some 30 fold, some 60 fold and some 100!

Now lets look at the majority of 7 figure earners in network marketing and recognize a pattern proven with action for the entire life of the industry. 7 figure earners who mastered the ability to practice business 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, and making no excuses. 

As the power of leveraged efforts were to take place the reality of success in the journey multiplied! 52 weeks in a year and the average top earner in a single year had enrolled a total of 42 personally enrolled team members. That in turn duplicated the pattern of failing 4 times to succeed 1. 

In 52 weeks a person willing to fail 4 out of five times per week with persistence enjoys a team of thousands producing under the 52 personally enrolled. Folks success leaves clues.

Understand what the demands of the masses are and how to be positioned in front of them with the solutions to those demands. History has proved over time a major trend in motion has the potential to create generational wealth when capitalized on.

Having the age of computers powered with on line information provides an ability to accomplish more in less time that has never been so advantageous for entrepreneurs. More than 1 trend can even be capitalized on at one time. 

Health & Wellness, E-Learning, and Crypto Currency are 3 major trends to grow from under 250 billion per year each now to over a trillion dollars per year each 7 years or so down the road.

These trends will experience this kind of growth if you or I participate in them or not!

More clues left behind success. over 95% of 7 figure earners have more than one stream of income. Company owners Change comp plans, sell the company, and even refuse to be compliant with FCC regulations! 

This proves how it is to a modern entrepreneurs advantage is to promote an individual brand that carries the solutions most in demand by the masses. As the client list is formed. The client can be served based on individual need.

By promoting the single brand over individual company it provides the ability to enjoy multiple streams of income from the same exact concept of promoting a single company applied to promote the single brand!

90% who attempt to earn on line from home most generally fail to earn in their first year. It is because they are attempting to look for a short cut around the true discipline that creates the success. 

Rather than experience a learning curve of such magnitude…Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a professional guide who has helped others achieve?

When 92% of start up companies fail in less than 6 months time a brand with trends past the majority failing zone would be an advantage wouldn’t it?

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