Listening to serve multiplies profits

Understanding client need far outweighs the proverbial dog and pony show!

In this home business fast pace get to the point world. The common mistake of putting a prospect in front of a business presentation before it is even clear why they would be a good prospect!

It is the number one contributing factor to what is known as ATTRITION in the industry.

Attrition is when you recruit 10 members on your team this month and next month only 2 are left. The water leaks out of the bucket before its ever full.

As a coach when a connection or friend request is accepted on Face Book or Linkedin. 

I almost always get an immediate link or commercial rite out of the gate. It is not their fault they are simply eager to earn and most haven’t got a clue.

First they lack the reasons from me why I would even be a person of interest for them.

 Only thing they know is from looking at my profile there is a skill set of sales and communication accomplished.

The new beginner is now filled with real excitement holding thoughts like. ” wow if this guy gets going having over 700 people he connects with as a professional… my business will skyrocket!”

When this happens several times per day. How many times do you think action is taken from the instant approach and posting of the link on first conversation chat in the box? Answer NONE.

Now lets examine what would work and did when my sponsor recruited me shall we?

First the proper questions allowing me to share how things truly are in life first.

What do I do?

How long have I been doing it?

What made me choose it?

How effective is the process I practice now?

Lets not leave out what did I do before?

Should money no longer be necessary to work for how would life be lived and what would it look like?

If the process I work could be improved as well the money earned would I be open? 

You see if all 7 of those inquiries were understood before a presentation was even scheduled.

The person doing the recruiting can map the presentation on exactly how to fill the needs discovered in those questions!

Once the prospect sees a clear path to the destination they wish to accomplish by embracing what your business has to offer to a point that they believe it possible.

Well it now becomes impossible not to become their sponsor!

Understand that this never happens by explaining all the features, advantages, and benefits of what is offered. It can only be accomplished by actual communication.

Wouldn’t a process like this make more sense for you to earn with?

Do you have less than 20 minutes to see how to help the masses save money monthly, solve problems daily, and add quality to life in the process?

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Branding by blog multiplies profits!

Tired of chasing the money? Would a tool on line allowing clients to select and choose you make a difference? 

    Lets say you would love to advertise your network marketing company and have people clicking in.

Most companies have a generic link but no way for you to advertise on a social platform, radio, or TV. 

Having a blog as your brand with links to your individual sign up page in that blog.

Well you could then advertise like a real business owner with a brick and mortar profession. 

The blog can display the objectives of service or product has to offer with buy now links from your company in the blog.

Enabling you to earn while sleeping!

As well News letter links for email marketing allowing your list to grow on auto pilot with the power of paid advertising. 

What if you have a brick and motor business and wish to set up a web page with pictures for sales specials having links that your clients can click on too for purchase? This is how a blog can serve you.

How about a single training hub packed with video instruction by topic to save time. Blogs are great for business and do not cost to have updated over time as changes take place.

An expensive website would need hundreds or even thousands to accomplish the same task as your simple little blog. Our on line tool income stream provides unlimited blogs, lead capture pages, and email marketing campaigns!

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