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Does your business have a path to profit daily? True momentum type growth from zero to hero is impossible with out it!

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Example only 90 day road map on one hour per day 5 days per week work habit!

Personally enrolled $ team members

Week 1 U-A                                                     1

Week 2 U-1 A-L                                               2

Week 3 U-1 A-1 L-K                                        3

Week 4 U-1 A-1 L-1 K-M                                4

Week 5 U-1 A-1 L-1 K-1 M-N                         5

You have sponsored 5 total yet because each person stayed committed to 1 hour of proper practice per day 5 days per week there is a total of 15 enrolled team members.

Now on the first day of week six you have a total of 15 hours of leveraged production happening & from there it will grow daily!

12 weeks you have enrolled 12 with a total of 78 on the team. Meaning on day 1 of week 13 you now have 78 productive hours per day happening in your organization and you only put in 1 little hour!

Training modules for 2018

Module 1 How to Pick the most profitable home business

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Often the question is asked why do more than 90% fail?
The reality is even a higher percentage fail with brick and Mortar business. HOWEVER… From a network marketing owners standpoint.

If your pay plan rewards a 7 figure earner who can bring their entire team over at once. The owner is say 100k into the start up and in the first 90 days that 7 figure earner brought their circle of influence that generates 1 million in business.

Company out of the negative into the positive and a success story of at least 5 people who climbed to top ranks clearing more than 10k.

In a bout 6 months to 2 years the entire sales force of the company recognizes the pay plan is geared for a top level earner to bring their entire team.

The little fella at the bottom has zero to no chance at smacking that 10k in 90 days with no circle of influence to join with them.

Volume declines and the business shuts down and the owners made millions on a 100k start up they can care less if they went out of business or not.

Good news is there are about 5% of companies who design the pay plan so the little person can scale up and the more they do the more they earn.

Now you can see clearly why more fail than succeed it just takes picking the company that was built so the masses of little fella’s have a chance to scale up!

Instead of the opposite effect that require over a thousand dollars of product purchased just to qualify for top earning commissions.

There is no short cut to success! Odds are the advertised 10k in 90 days on the grand master enrollment pack is only a task that possibly 1 or 2 of 1000 people can accomplish.

A simple pay plan that rewards the stepping stones to the destiny is what your in search of that 75% of the population who is 600 to $1000 emergency from complete wipe out can actually afford!

Cater to the Masses and Hang with the classes. Sure you need more numbers but doing it in a way the masses can afford you can sort through 10 to locate 2!

It sure beats the other way of sort through 1000 to find 1 or 2 now don’t it?
Success really is simple when you actually understand the process!

Module 2  prevent the largest killers to the human body profits are not bad!


Module 3 Knowing what is missing in the earn from home process provides a major edge!


Module 4 Listening to learn verses reply Multiplies profits.


Module 5 How to not fly blind when earning income on line.


Module 6 branding yourself by blogging increases your odds


Module 7 how to master lead generation


Our social Media training is done by my friend and Mentor Max on this video below you will learn how to find qualified prospects using both face book and linkedin.

As you may or may not have figured out we are a Christian based organization.

In the link below is our actual ministry out reach blog. In this blog is biblical training on how to over come the 5 common plagues the devil uses to stop folks from living a life to bring glory to God. 

Are we perfect people just because we are Christians? Nope every day there is a need to repent and ask for forgiveness. There are clues behind generational success left behind in the bible that are perfect!

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It was a real blessing and treat to have my picture taken with John Maxwell. Seeing all the shady practice in the market I had to learn from the best to lead with integrity. I praise God to have met this true blessing to us all in pic below

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