Solutions Will Profit Founded by The Servants Team Ministry Outreach

Welcome to The Servants Team Missionary Out Reach of Troy Montana 

It has been an honor to serve others our Journey began March 20th 2011

Our Doctrine is simple No Creed but the Bible.

Religion will strangle you while the Word of God will set you Free!

Over 20 years of serving others from the living rooms across America. A major need was recognized to have a bible study for those at home to interact with and participate in each week.

Some lack the ability to leave the home and come to church. Some in recovery are not comfortable around groups of people at first. 11 years in recovery from alcohol. We understand the need for the word of God daily like the food our bodies needs. Luke 4:4

Sunday Night With The Servants Team Conference call bible study notes. We are far from perfection, we sin, we make mistakes, but the word of God will never fail you and that is all we share on this nondenominational study

7pm Mt Time Zone every Sunday night.

Dial 1-641-715-3272 access code 418033

Miss the live call hear the recording until the next Sunday night dial 1-641-715-3367 access code 418033 then the (#) pound key for latest recording

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Founders of The Servants Team Earl Teats & Dar Below

A life with Jesus Christ allows a person a clean new start. Unfortunately the world we live in is not as forgiving.

Folks all over find it a struggle to make ends meet. When you have not always lived in the light of Christ. Well often a record is formed or reputation established that brings more destruction to life then production. Getting hired for a regular job becomes a challenge. 

The good news is 90% of America’s wealth is held by 3% of its population. Would you know that none of them are employees and All of them Entrepreneurs!

As a Christian Home Business Coach by trade we enjoy sharing a path others can earn their incomes with from the comfort of their own home. Now this does not mean get rich quick or fall out of the sky with a prayer money!!!

Jesus Says Narrow is the Gate and Difficult is the path that leads to life, and few will find it. (Matt 7:14)

A true work from home career is only established by true leadership. Setting the example you want others to follow daily with the actions you take yourself. No short cuts.

No seeds planted, and tended too with care, No Harvest! When the work habits are practice excuse free daily by groups of people leveraged efforts can multiply pay.

This is not ponzi scheme or risky business. But simple commitment to daily practice with integrity that will honor people, not break any of Gods laws, or mans. With out dedication and professional commitment the odds of earning are slim to none!

We have a passion and desire to help people work for their own success from home as professionals. Christian Home Business Coaching

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       Next we have 5 modules of home study. How to use the Word as your sword to combat 5 key plagues the devil uses to keep people trapped in a world of unbelief and total lack of faith.

Understanding the information shared in each module will allow a person some biblical strategies proven to bring faith, joy, and harmony with the word of God.

The part most leave out Jesus explains clearly in John Chapter 15. As a branch on his tree there will come times of pruning. Recognizing this process and keeping faith in what God can do when man sees it impossible. Helps a lot!

Module 1. Tackling addiction to destructive habits.

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Module 2. How to eliminate poverty.

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Module 3. How to stop depression from blocking your success.

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Module 4. Overcoming Fear (false evidence appearing real)

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Module 5. How to defeat the feeling of Lonely.

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