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So lets see some of our results Organically below

First month in action from zero to over 30 members

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7 weeks later hit more than minimum wage pays for 40 hours work in our weekly e-wallet earned pic below!

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Size of team after 8 months Sept 20th 2016 pic was taken.

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Working Smart 101 Game plan.

Selling kits and strategy plan are 2 different worlds.

Next is a treat from My personal social network coach

 Over 90% who fail to earn in the first month of business have one simple little question on their mind on the first day!

{ Now that I have this new home business how do I earn the money?}

Often some do not learn this process that shows the foundation of your game plan to put into writing for the first work quarter based on how many hours each week you can contribute to your own success!

The corner stone to the foundation is no less than 1 hour per day practiced proper for simple duplication any person with a desire for a better way can accomplish.  Also no less than 5 days per week.

One can work more hours with any other method of operation they choose. It is absolutely CRUCIAL to first complete 1 hour of proper system practice before the other methods are put to use.

It is key to understand that DUPLICATION OF SUCCESSFUL WORK HABIT produces the largest income for entrepreneurs today! Number one excuse most claim to embrace the poverty side of life. 

{ I am not a sales person }

Strange too because most sales people fail even worse than employees because they spend more time talking and less time listening, evaluating the situation, and wrapping a strategy around the individual.

Instead they point out all the details they believe some one wants to hear.

The correct path is missed and the prospect is NOT shown a path that is tailored to them individually! As a result the impression is created you only wanted to earn a buck from the time you spent with them.

Removes you from know like and trust. The land of the repetitive sale paying commissions!

Remember a person will not practice what you tell them to do. They will practice what they believe can be accomplished.

As you lead them to a path they believe in around their time of commitment emotional attachment with passionate desire becomes the fuel to their fire.

Certainly far more effective than do this or that the way I say or fail. To be action minded with out being ordered is a skill set of an entrepreneur. To be told what to do is a skill set for an employee.

Employees feel trapped under submission for security in their subconscious minds.

So if you enroll a builder and treat them like an employee. This sequence is in common with the mindset of an employee who in their hearts do not want to be but have no other path.


No actions to profits taken means no money!

Having patience enough to ask the proper questions to tailor a plan of actions around them will establish Trust because they feel you understand them. Most important they are seeing a plan built for them from the way you LISTENED TO THEM!

You see this places belief level above the actions with a desire to take them. THE EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE MAJORITY!

As you guide them to the proper process of one hour to profits. They now can form a plan based on how many hours per week can be practiced with no excuses for a full year!

Most of the drafted professional athletes begin their career with a full year contract. Same with Accountants, as well Contractors. So why would you expect professional home business development to be any less professional?

Demonstration of proven leadership habit is the ability to show a person how to get what they want with simple work habit practiced over and over in a certain way. When that is formed around the choice of time commitment traded for the results desired on a personal emotional level.

Commitment to the plan will out way the pitfall of procrastination meaning the multiplication of production. A real treat when production is income! 

3 steps to 1 productive hour simple to duplicate.


( More month than money or health issue)


( website, conference call, webinar, hang out, blog, meeting) 



{ the coach or call center provides the answers and explanation.

People love to belong to things so seeing they are part of something special with a team in their corner fulfills that key life desire of belonging!}

As they see you walk them through these three simple steps the only thing that they saw you do was GUIDE OR POINT THE WAY!

 Isolated problem, scheduled appointment for solution, and coach or call center positioned the transaction.

They understand they do not have to sell just be the guide. As they see a path around their time of commitment it becomes a plan they believe in and are eager to take actions to complete.

Something they have not experienced any other place!

You now have productive loyalty on your team. As you set the example with one hour per day 5 days per week properly.

See the leverage take place with a potential 5 people committed to 1 hour per week. Failing 4 of 5 times for example purpose pay of 100 earned from 5 hours completed properly.

You potentially earn $100 and with our global company 100% check match on personally enrolled that means another $500 in bonus check match.

$600 in a week from 30 total hours of leveraged efforts is no ponzie scheme or pyramid deal either. JUST GOOD BUSINESS.

{no claims of income promise results depend on the individual.}

It is a blessing to have a global product FDA says is safe! Will serve PLANTS, PETS, PEOPLE in over 50 countries with 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

For every month supply under 2 dollars per day has proceeds that Feed a Meal to a needy American person. We enjoy making a difference for the better in the lives of others.

Our actual team from zero January 26th to 702 today through USA and 8 countries. Connected with 25 people per day on line and off line.

5 appointments set daily 5 days per week through September. If your reading this blog post well then your invited to my team or as a valued consumer.

Spend some time look me in the eye click here you will be glad you did!

It is nice to have a process simple to practice on a realistic scale. 

big red success steps pic

 The Process of Team Building for Duplication

Folks the largest mistake made is to focus so hard on the big numbers that can only be set in motion by the little numbers first.

When you can turn one hour into a hundred bucks across the table or over the computer simply helping a person to a solution they need.

The process is looked forward to with excitement and joy. More so than the grind destroying the mind with the Idea what we do to accomplish the earning is a negative experience.

We have a solution that saves money monthly, increases the quality of life, and has the ability to bring financial blessing from sharing the process with others. All Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

Our first basic fundamental practice to master is THE PURPOSE OF THE CONNECTION IS TO SET UP THE NEXT ONE. As we separate ourselves from the mass kit sellers,

 to the pro’s with a plan for the individual based on health, income or both needs.

You see as we prospect we learn their needs and how our business has the solution to the problem they have described. Doesn’t that seem to be a major reason to not stand up the appointment?

When the solution to their problem is the objective instead of the greatest product, company or comp plan on the planet. They are pretty serious to get the solution it becomes a priority!

Each connection is to take the prospect closer to the solution or to the next step of processing the solution. It is the same as consumer of product or builder of teams.

Should you choose not to force the habit of a connection to book another connection it would be no different than a pilot flying a plane blind. The end result is always crash and burn.

As they see your confidence to schedule the next part of the process to the solution they are seeking. A relationship is formed rather than the deal being closed leaving the feeling of loss to a certain degree.

When the mind sees a pain the first instinctive thought is to avoid it.

Instantly it becomes more comfortable to procrastinate rather than embrace the next step to the accomplishment of the mission.

Relationship forming brings Retention. Deal Closing creates attrition! There is no substitute for good service!

So lets dive into the small numbers turning into the big numbers to see the proper path to duplication fast in your team building process.

The basic beginning is known as the ONE ON ONE APPROACH. Face to face or smart phone to smart phone, even computer to computer these days.

The Explaining is what you DO NOT DO the presenter or presentation will be the TOOL you use pointing the way to the next step.

You have learned the problem you can help them solve so schedule the next step as a professional would it creates the urge for them to follow you to their desired destination.

Example Monday night connection we schedule another connection next Monday night to expand the solution increasing profits! If the process is on a retail sale next Monday night is still a follow up connection to see how product is helping!

Always remember an appreciated consumer is a repeat consumer as well loyal!

When the connecting multiplies with people the meeting becomes an event for that group every week same day same time.

As five people become consistent with this process one for each day of the week began as a one on one and now has progressed to 5 events 5 nights per week with multiple profits created!

The event can be on line, in home, or public location.

As you can see simple to duplicate. Why is that good? Because the largest fortunes come in this industry from the ABILITY TO DUPLICATE PROFITS! What has been shared here is a simple process to deliver exactly that.

 You can see with our O2 world wide product we have both health and money solutions affordable and simple to duplicate with the masses that benefits them.

Add to that our lead generation tool with a free trial to allow personal branding should other solutions become desired to multiply income steams.

Getting those annoying calls and chat messages from those wanting to pitch you their new found deal means the can now become a blessing.

Because our PLS system has exactly what they are lacking and why they are connecting with you in the first place!


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