Serving Lead Generation that Profits!



Lead Generation is crucial to your process as an entrepreneur. Often we hear clients say How do I find people? They wonder how to use the power of the internet to find people with out leaving the home.

The video below will share how I personally formed our team over 700 people through over 8 countries with out leaving the home in 9 months time.

Next you can check out the same process on other social networks! A real treat below with face book and linkedin.


Linkedin, Snapchat, instagram, and twitter. 1 lead per day from each including face book can bring you 5 prospects in a day!

Another is Craigslist. Resumes with phone number and real email address under sections of customer service, or sales. Pick a city with over 50,000 You may find a few in that city. 

Select 5 cities with more than 50k people and have up to twenty leads a day of some one with the proper skill sets for what your business does!

Should you live in a Metropolitan area select a Car Wash, Coffee Shop, and Dry Cleaners to stop by weekly.

These kind of people have credit cards and a desire for more than average living.  Use a genuine complement with three people at each location.

Inform them your working on a project people like them have excelled at financially in a faster than normal pace.

So you would like to phone them when you have more time to ask a few questions about them. Look them in the eye seriously and say ” your number is ??? and your email is ???

Less than 10 minutes at each location can gather 9 leads for the day to follow up with. The more confident your demeanor and excitement about what your project is with out explaining it. The higher their interest level.

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