Story of The Mountain Man

Facts Big shots despise you to Know!

92% of Start ups tank under 6 months. Common practice is to draw you in with promises of something for nothing!

When they say 75% of Americans are 600-1000 dollars of an emergency in life meaning total wipe out potential bankrupt! As 3% of it’s population holds 90% of its wealth as Entrepreneurs.

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Well folks,

I could bore you to death with the long version. In plain simple terms Jesus Died because he knew people like me would need forgiveness many, many, and many times lol.

23 years I have earned on commissions. 12 of them while the adventure of the world more than in sequences with the Word of God. There are consequences to those actions that kind of take the bling from the fling so to speak.

On no credit with tremendous child support due. Entrepreneurship was the only legal method I could earn with as I picked myself up from the world and into the hands of Jesus Christ. 

People had to eat daily if I delivered frozen Quality food to the door at half the price of the store. I could supply a demand that would honor God and bring him glory. So I did exactly that. (John 14:12-14)

Over 15 years at this closed many sales taught hundreds of others to do the same. August 2015 Life as I understood it was beginning the pruning process. (John Chapter 15. ) First friends and family members proved human kind is never perfect just like Jesus said. 

As a result God pruned the branches that may not be very productive to his cause at the time. I fought the process at first bumped my head a few times and then did it his way. Wow the stress left! He Knows YOUR HEART!

So here I was at a stop light the day my truck blew up once I got home. A teen age fellow with ear phones in his head attached to the phone in his hand in front of the wheel. Also a movie playing in the visor and next to him the eye candy a hormone filled young man would climb a tree with his teeth over.

The fact is obvious no way would I survive another 5 years on the road. My heart always dreamed of a way to go door to door on line with a need affordable and desired monthly. Today was the day I found out when I soon got home.

Tony Robins talks about a key to most achieving their hearts desire was to pursue it with all bridges in any other direction burned. NO TURNING BACK NO EXCUSES FORWARD ONE DAY AT A TIME AT ALL COSTS.

Here I was. You see God knew he had to burn the bridges for me. This would force my fear of using my skill of communication to honor him and serve others on line. Globally for his Glory not mine.

10 years sober climbing out of a deep whole and still below the 10% marker. The time for pruning seemed wayyyy to early for this mountain man. But the fact remained It was time to trust God to part the impossible proverbial red sea today again for his child.

Faith is all about one step in front of the other one day at a time knowing that God never fails and even though we do Jesus Christ paid the price. We ask for forgiveness step forward and progress a little further.  

In my younger days achieved high end success in network marketing. See that short dude who sounds like he never made it past the 3rd grade. Oh yeah they would say. Good now if he can show you what he did to leave a tent in a field as a migrant worker picking harvested food. To over a million dollars in less than 5 years.

He said I could have three people lets go together show up early because I invited 7 in case some did not show. I did that 5 times per day and achieved more before age 25 than most did by 45. Great mentors taught me good things.

How do I practice that almost 20 years later on the internet? Over the years I learned to organically prospect for business, present solutions for profit, and duplicate that in others.  All I had to do was follow a guru and do what he did to get what he got lol.

 6 years at that philosophy in practice to see that when my first mentor passed. It seemed this little heart of real successful business called (integrity) had died with him. I love Zig Ziggler and will miss him dearly. John Maxwell still around though he has been one I had the privilege to have my picture taken with.

Earl & John Maxwell pic

Man I learned a lot from him with tapes, books, and functions over 12 years.

 You see the devil will do what ever it takes. A child of God just does what is right daily one day at a time. As that life begins God now has the paint brush in his hands for your life!

January 26th My life changed as a friend called with what we began as our team. Using the same basics off line of connecting to 25 people from social networks daily asking questions.

5 times were set for appointment with 20 minutes in front of the computer with no interruptions to see a solution to a problem they brought up. It can save them money monthly, provide better quality to life, and even bring with it income!

a 34 2 wks global pic

Those basics on line as of August are posted below

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