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How I personally hit a full time weekly e-wallet on part time efforts over 7 weeks time and by the end of 90 days had a global team 430. It was worked for 5 days per week at 5 hours per day part time efforts! watch video below

Monday-Friday 7pm Mountain time zone live overview call put on by

O2 World Wide dial 1-425-440-5100 access code 913877

On Saturday Morning 9AM Mountain time same number Training call by O2 World Wide

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How to turn one hour into $100 training video below


11AM Mountain time zone. Every day link is posted in our Solutions will profit face book group below

You can dial in live push 1 key to raise your hand to speak when prompted. 1-646-787-8031

Live radio show with training and mastermind for team Daily.

We have our Thursday night Google Hang out on the link below

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8pm live overview Mountain time zone

recorded every week will hang until next weeks overview. Link is a tool for your emails and other social methods of marketing.

There is no way to sign into or sign up for anything just a professional presentation page for you to share the plan with as a tool.

A Radio Show on Leadership that will unlock some major doors if you are a person who has struggled in this industry click link below


Next is a Major Training of How and Why the Fortune is in the Follow up click link below


Another extremely important training from our radio show Is below


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On Thursday Night we have our O2 Power Team update call followed by opportunity Webinar presentation. 6PM Mountain Time Zone Call

Audio call in number: 712-770-4010

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Link for webinar 7PM Mountain time zone below


We have an unbelievable Home Business Success System for all $60 upgraded on the product team members that will provide you an extreme edge with our internet marketing strategies.

Also a CO-OPP Purchase of Leads (clicks to your site) options from {$10 to $500 what ever fits your budget} average click $1

How to shorten your learning curve as a beginner radio show training below

Understanding the 7 facts that provide an edge with O2 World Wide.

Module 10 Video Serving verses Selling for more success! Training video to take you to next level earnings.


Lots happening enjoy the ride it will be big!

Modules 1-9 in training blog post below

Garden Harvest Training Blog

Below are tools, sites, and information important to your business

Links to share the business presentation

Home Business Success System webinar Every Thursday night live 7pm MT Time Zone Attend with a guest weekly!

Your access is these letters vip

Turn one hour into a hundred dollar (google hang out) presentation recorded live every Thursday night 8pm Mountain time zone. Attend with a guest weekly!

Blog post for product explained by Dr., Business presentation, & Testimonials of results!

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Thursday Night O2 power dream team Up Date Call
6PM Mountain Time Zone.
access code is 558162#

Our Monday-Friday Daily Radio Show training and Mastermind group.
11AM dial in live 1-646-787-8031
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625 person team from 0 in 4 months organically!

Welcome to our Blog Post designed to serve you not sell you.

Could you use a good nights sleep, less pain, more energy, or better focus in your life?

It is our honor to share a solution we can not make any claims about making a major difference on a global scale.

There are many who have never earned a dime after many attempts at a home business in the past who are earning in their first week!

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We do not bait and switch advertise a great opportunity than expect you to Pay additional UP grade fees after you chose to purchase your first order complete with LEADS!

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No need to hunt down friends and family to get paid!


When one hour can equate to $20 to $40 dollars from the comfort of your own home at your convenience. Isn’t that the kind of part time income you deserve?

What if it could multiply as time goes by?

It is time to see how to apply a simple hour per day five days per week over 7 weeks. From a RISK FREE STARTING point of $60 having the ability to turn that to 500 dollars in a weekly E-Wallet!

Doesn’t it make sense to have a real no hidden agenda plan, that starts affordable under 2 dollars per day, rather than promise you something for nothing? 95% of start ups that go out of business in less than 6 months time advertising something for nothing!

Imagine a company understanding the hard parts of finding the people who flips the bill for the advertising and provides qualified people of interest for the folks who choose to share the solution to the problems faced by the majority today.

Simply scheduling appointments for the people of interest to see the website with the explanation of how the product can serve their needs. As the choice is made for purchase YOU get PAID for the referral AND when they earn $100 volume bonus you 100% check match them!

Welcome to O2 World Wide

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No qualifiers to earn commissions on sales or magic ranks to attain to gain best commissions!

Complete with tools like capture pages and auto response emails with no additional upgrade fees for the tools!

On Line Tools

Live person help a phone call or mouse click away no hiding behind a website when you need the support the most!

Lets see some medical evidence the product is real below click on pic to enlarge it and read what it says

blood work pic testimony

Link above provides Dr. info & proven results!

Below our personal results From February to June 2016

26 members 2 weeks

Now for June

a 625 team in 5 months pic

When You have the SOLUTIONS on how to have the income it makes earning pretty fun!

See how to turn $60 into $500 in weekly e-wallet in 7 weeks click link below

It is an honor to help people to success had a great teacher my personal pic with John Maxwell when it comes to leading you to a prosperous future I learned to lead  from one of the best!

Earl & John Maxwell pic