SWP Success Story 5 Donald Beres Jr.

Donals Beres Jr.

AKA Sinbad The Sailor Man

From Valparaiso Indiana Donald it a real blessing to have aboard the team. At first he was a little quiet. Always though did what he said he would do. His start came off a little slower because his heart was there to help others first in life. He made a difference to help that most would not have.

He than began his mission to share o2 world wide on line with all he had. Even through times the weather took power from him. Kind of hard to follow up on your new clients and potential clients with out power or phone.

Most would have found a reason to quit. Not Donald.

When it comes to making a difference and helping others his heart drives his mind. It must be working for him as he took actions and refused to make excuses.

Today he has 27 personally enrolled in less than 2 months time. We have a great system with a proven path to earnings. It truly is a blessing to have Sponsored Donald Beres Jr. We are pleased with having a team member who leads with integrity and has a heart to make a difference.

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