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over 340 person team across USA into 7 countries with 4 duplicated global success stories and one National success story in under 60 days time all organically in 2016.

It is time for you to get paid after all pay day is Friday! Today’s minutes with the mountain man video 7 minutes or less daily is below

Next is a Training free of charge on how to make your goals a reality as an Entrepreneur in 4 simple steps of planning your work and working your plan.

A actual path Laid in by Earl Teats from January 26th 2016 through March 26th 2017 forming a team from zero organically Across US and Into 7 Countries over 340 members. Proving a part time path on 5 hours per week to a $400 weekly e-wallet.

With a solution for the body to eliminate naturally free radicals and inflammation with out making any claims of cure or diagnosis. Just a simple 30 day $ back guarantee no questions asked. No need for hype. under 60 dollars a month that comes with 20 real leads every single month!

According to Paul Zane Pilzer Leading economic forecaster . Health and Wellness will create more wealth around the globe than any other endeavor on the planet. Most all of them have a product but no people to market it two or system developed for internet massive attack.

What we have all comes with Product complete with systems, leads, and live person help! All less than 75 dollars each and every month. Talk about saving costs to multiply profits it just don’t get better than that. Oops wrong again 100% money back 30 day guarantee no questions asked if your not satisfied.

We are at this time welcoming new clients see less than five minutes of how to be a future success story in the Solutions Will Profit On Line Family. click below


Would you like 3 emails or so per week of tips and strategies that are working today both high tech or high touch in today’s world of business click on link below enter your information not sold.


Results & proof on this link

Our mission is not about us it is about duplicating like minded people into the leaders they are willing to become. As they practice their skills and develop an entrepreneurial set of income streams that can be handed down the family for generations to come. 90% of Americas wealth is held by 3% of its population.

Congrats to JJune Simmons, Kennith Dawkins, and Monica Andrusko for climbing the OSP reader board way to set an example.

God is good 3 on osp chart pic

We enjoy training them it really is your turn to earn come join us today! May God bless you beyond your imagination this year. look to your upper left side see {recent post} lots of earning morsels good for the appetite of an entrepreneur with a desire to get paid every week!

In The link below is training from multiple global home income coaches responsible for millions of monthly dollars generated weekly in our industry. The ability to have them all in one place to share their best secrets to the income today in 2016 was a rare treat!

In MY Personal Opinion BEST DARN TRAINING CALL I HAVE HEARD IN OVER 21 YEARS IN THIS INDUSTRY AS A COMMISSION EARNER. If you are ready to work your way to success from scratch this episode proves how it is done in 2016 around the globe with out leaving the home and attending meetings! Enjoy

Below is the link to our archived minutes with The Mountain Man.

archive link here 

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2 thoughts on “Minutes with The Mountain Man from Troy MT swpnextlevelcoaching”

  1. I Love Your Dedication to The Team and All this Valuable Free Training! Keep Leading with Love and L.I.F.E. and Success Can’t Help but to Follow!

    Blessed is The Giver! That Gives freely and Blessed is The Faithful Servant The Lord Finds Serving Faithfully!

    Next Level “Coaching Solutions Will Profit”

    We Can Add Another to the Team Today! They Joined Up On The Free Business Startup Option!

    We Need Some Training On the Importance Of Speed and Becoming a Product of the Product!

    I am Thinking Some of These Action Takers! I have Enrolled

    Have Taken a Step and Have Paused. For my Zealousness! I am Somehow not Impressing Upon them The Nature of The Program. Or I may have Scared Them to their stillness.

    Oh I FEAR I may have Stunned Their Growth with An Info Dump! I am a Details Originated Personality at times! So I share everything I got when you step into my Path!

    Teach Me Brother Earl The error of my ways. I don’t want to scare them away! I am just trying to give them What My Personality Desires Information!

    Step by Step Inch by Inch Mile after Mile! I am always looking at the sign posts! That I may Know where I am at and Where I am Headed.
    Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    1. Simplicity my friend. You connect with them with out the intention of selling anything. Simply listen for a problem. Not enough money, too much pain, not enough sleep at night, not enough energy, lacking in ability to focus. Then once the problem is identified you then schedule a time with these words. { —-my intentions here are nothing more than to offer a solution folks have seen results with on a global scale. Should I try to explain it you will think that I am wanting to turn you into some kind of master explain expert for profit. No, No, We let the Doctor explain the benefits in an hour long recording so no one is mislead, as for the income side a video under 8 minutes will be a real treat.
      So if it is income You will need 20 minutes with no interruptions at A time or B. Should the problem be need for health solution hour with no interruptions in front of the computer at A. or B. time.
      They will see how simple the process is and at the end of the scheduled appointment you use your {coach third party} validation of a live person who knows how to help them reach the goal with product or income based on their needs not a guru’s plan of attack. They understand we are real and that three way call makes life so easy. Remember they purchase from the point of know, like, and trust. This method speeds that process up and has created many million dollar earners. System = Saves You Some Time Effort & Money.

      As they see this process take place they are not sure if they can do what the coach did. But they know they can do what you just did and that means if successful 2 times in one little hour that is $40. Making that part time business effort a lot more lucrative creating a desire to repeat the process over and over before something changes or stops the production. They see the risk free position to start today for $60 have leads and product with a system that works. The get started green and are eager to begin DUPLICATION. It really is that simple man.

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