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From zero to over 290 person team across the US and into over 5 countries, duplicating 4 global success stories, All in 49 days in 2016! Truly it’s your turn to earn you are in the best place at the rite time March 2016!

As of Now May 2016 over 430 people through 7 countries with 6 duplicated success stories. We have what works for those willing to work it!

planted seeds and no crops pic

97% fail who attempt to earn from home. 95% of companies starting out from the ground floor with your ticket to the big bucks will go out of business in less than six months time. A straggler or two may see three years before sinking in the ocean of failure.

Rather than promise you the moon and train you to sponsor 100 people to have 98 quit and two stick that work hard and multiply profits to the 7 figure level. That is what the companies failing run with truly it is sad.

Eric Worry has proved that this practice does not have to be the norm in our industry as he interviewed. Mega Million dollar trainer Todd Smith, ( I may have miss spelled his name) Todd has a simple method of duplication of discipline daily with nothing less than integrity.

On that simple fact He duplicated over 10 success stories out of 10. Of course many more but he proved it. So why on earth grind yourself to death to produce success when a simple path under 26 hours per week can provide 5 figure incomes over a single little work quarter.

Embracing Million dollar success will take you the use of High tech ( internet on line methods) and High Touch ( real communication with humans to establish the key to the money called RELATIONSHIPS. ) Simply practicing both on a consistent scale will increase your odds. People only purchase from the point of Know, Like, and Trust.

Our mission is to demonstrate as we have proved with our actions already. How this is done TODAY to create success on a global scale from the comfort of your home in only one little work quarter!

Recorded in rural mountain country of Troy Montana forgive video quality enjoy the truth in the videos that proved the path to the top of the mountain of global duplication in network marketing in 2016.

Module one The introduction to the Garden Harvest Process as we broke over 20 in our first 2 weeks who wanted to earn.

34 team members across 7 states and into 2 countries in 2 short weeks time using 4 simple steps to success. Completed first 12 days of February 2016 pic below

a 34 2 wks global pic

It truly is important to be able to duplicate with a system anyone can accomplish with. 4 simple steps are what allowed results in pic above. Below is a video we are going to use as Basic Training for Solutions Will Profit.

Module 1

Next we will show you how we climbed to over a 50 over just the next week from recording the first training above

Now you can spend the rest of the day planning, strategies, or what ever your heart desires as the owner of your home business. The habit of the hour of disciplined actions to profits must be completed first though. It insures your income.

Module 2

Now from 56 to over a hundred members just a week later than on to over 280 members a week after that. pic below



Below is MODULE 4 for developing your success as an entrepreneur.

So next we are going to put the Icing on the cake understanding the importance of combining High Touch (old school basic earning methods) with High Tech ( new tech approaches to profits) enjoy training below


To understand the advanced earning and process to duplication on a massive consistent scale the training below you will find well worth your while!





Here is our proof from zero to a weekly ewallet of over $400 and team over 275 that today is past 290!

Duplication proof and pay pic

Module 8

Work Quarter 2 Duplication




Module 10 Serving verses Selling

module 9 pic

Below here is our radio show master mind group I taught on Monday – Friday 9Am Mountain Time zone from day one of this Journey though today leaving a record of daily recorded proof of this entire process!



Below is the rest of our Solutions Will Profit Training Center full of morsels to profits helping today’s Entrepreneurs! click on link below titled training station.


May God bless you past your imagination this year over 200 needy Americans Fed over last 49 days of sharing simple solutions for profits with others. Thanks to all team members who helped bring this to a reality!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Garden Harvest Process Training blog for home Entrepreneurs!”

    1. Simplicity my friend. You connect with them with out the intention of selling anything. Simply listen for a problem. Not enough money, too much pain, not enough sleep at night, not enough energy, lacking in ability to focus. Then once the problem is identified you then schedule a time with these words. { —-my intentions here are nothing more than to offer a solution folks have seen results with on a global scale. Should I try to explain it you will think that I am wanting to turn you into some kind of master explain expert for profit. No, No, We let the Doctor explain the benefits in an hour long recording so no one is mislead, as for the income side a video under 8 minutes will be a real treat.
      So if it is income You will need 20 minutes with no interruptions at A time or B. Should the problem be need for health solution hour with no interruptions in front of the computer at A. or B. time.
      They will see how simple the process is and at the end of the scheduled appointment you use your {coach third party} validation of a live person who knows how to help them reach the goal with product or income based on their needs not a guru’s plan of attack. They understand we are real and that three way call makes life so easy. Remember they purchase from the point of know, like, and trust. This method speeds that process up and has created many million dollar earners. System = Saves You Some Time Effort & Money.

      As they see this process take place they are not sure if they can do what the coach did. But they know they can do what you just did and that means if successful 2 times in one little hour that is $40. Making that part time business effort a lot more lucrative creating a desire to repeat the process over and over before something changes or stops the production. They see the risk free position to start today for $60 have leads and product with a system that works. The get started green and are eager to begin DUPLICATION. It really is that simple man.

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