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Learning to lead Studying John Maxwell over 10 years and having my picture taken with him was a real dream come true as a professional coach! What kind of leader would I be if I did not get my foundation from a Leader at breaking leaders who Jesus Christ would be proud of.

Practicing the fundamentals of 1. Understanding the solutions in need by the masses, 2. Breaking personal comfort zone to expose solutions on a serious scale, 3. Work to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, 4. Have a mastermind group of winners to share results, learn from mistakes, and keep informed on what is taking place on a global scale.

Utilizing the Education I had received in my Traffic Authority Back office Traffic Academy. Along with the law of attraction we have all taught and discussed many times on the radio show. A team over 49 days time grew from zero to over 275, including 4 duplicated global success stories, and several more on the rise today!

From the recognition of taking action and understanding of no such thing as something for nothing.

An Awesome group of Entrepreneurs have began a journey and together all of our efforts combined has got over 200 needy Americans fed a meal who would have gone hungry. Proceeds from our work with every o2 drops bottle sold feeds one needy person a meal though a non profit known as Meals Of Hope.

A path has also been proven with organic marketing old school. A person can start for less than a hundred bucks to begin the journey and on 10 hours a week hit a weekly ewallet amount of $408! That is better than minimum wage earnings on 40 hours of labor for a week. Proving this system works for those willing to  practice what we teach.

No claims of income either results vary on individual efforts only. (see taearnings.com if you want to see full disclaimers.)

Duplication proof and pay pic

The secret to our success of duplication is no hype! It is simply the ability to hear a problem or see one on line. Schedule a time (A or B) options with 20 minutes and no interruptions in front of a computer to see the solution to the problem you have just mentioned on a global scale?

You see I could explain more than you would think you have to sell to get paid. We simply direct people to proper information with a solution to the body and the wallet a the same time.

The truth is there and the choice is made to take a risk free step. If needed a coach or call center can be three way called to map out a potential on one’s individual commitment of actions to profits daily and what that could pay.

As they see a path they believe in rather than a set of orders from a company guru. It creates a positive path that they can not wait to pull out a card spend money to begin a process that is proven of working for success. Rather than wishing for it. Below are 4 proven global success stories from zero already duplicated!

Vicki pic on line s p

First was Vicki Cunningham-Payton from Florida. Our first team member actually enrolled on Jan 26th I believe. Into several states with over 40 team members personally enrolled. As well two other Countries. Her love to help has been much Appreciated as the group exploded she led new members to proper support with what they needed in the group. They were not even in her personal team. You see our glue is to help with purpose. She is a shining star for sure.

Johanna Baker pic gmail

Johanna Baker a dedicated person with a passion to help others and make a difference. Also in several States and in another country to have a global growing team as well. Out of California this lady is a real treat and folks are definitely blessed to have such an action taker daily as a real leader. We thank God for Johanna that is for sure.


Karen Kruegar From Arizona. A retired school teacher with a passion to embrace the age of the Internet and empower others to earn their freedom who choose to work for it. She fights a very hard battle with learning this tech stuff. Yet she still has the daily Discipline to do the right actions before education time. She has a team in several states and over seas on the grow because of her determination and refusing to give up. We admire her breaking her comfort zone and making a difference in the lives of many. Newbee Nanna. We love ya.

Nathaniel Johnson pic

Off the east coast of Massachusetts. Nathaniel Johnson  A real Leader I personally admire. He has never even called me one time. Enrolled himself off the website. Attended the radio show daily, and did the actions from our training blog in solutions will profit face book group. He has a global team fast on the rise. Talk about action taker lead with actions over words. We praise God for the honor to have sponsored such a winner.

Another true leader pic

If your too afraid to let the cream rise to the top your leaders never bloom. Our next few pics are stories of great leaders on the rise already as well not global yet but soon will be. Action takers who make a difference

John Petrakas pic in race car

This pro race car driver had this pic taken before I was born I believe. John Petrakas.  Retired Real Estate expert. And over 40 year Natural Path a real master of nutrition for the body. His passion to Serve others and demonstrate the love of Jesus in his actions daily are more than any man I have encountered in a life time. He helped me to the proper path of nutrition when doctors only gave me 3 years to live back in 2006! Today I am still here.

Donals Beres Jr.

Donald Beres Jr from Indiana. He is another person with a great heart to give. He has broke his comfort zone quite well with over 15 new members to his team over just the last 4 days. As his daily efforts add up at connecting with good people. Most say that stuff is out dated and don’t work. Well Donald has proved people still appreciate truth over hype.  Also known as sinbadthesailorman we are honored to thank Donald for his service to our country as a Veteran.


Monica Andresko a Registered Nurse with a hear to serve from Portland Oregon. She has a passion in her heart to serve people from a nutritional fashion, and make a difference with needy folks being fed in the process. She has some pretty big service oriented goals only entrepreneurship can provide the means to accomplish.

As she displays her actions with the people she shares value with it is more than a blessing to see this very valued flower to the team take blossom. 60-80 hour full time extremely demanding full time job Monica still finds the time to do business with no excuses she truly is a champion.

gilbert james

Gilbert James, From New York New York. He has over 20 years of a track record of helping folks as an entrepreneur that makes a difference. His passion to lead with love and truth over hype is such a blessing to see. He is a hard worker very independent to us he is more than a blessing and joy to see on the team. He is just warming up look out we will see big things here!

Larry Banner pic

Larry Banner from Utah, A Retired Entrepreneur who has had the experience and pleasure to earn 7 figure incomes in the Corporate  business world having the honor to serve major clients with his expertise in photography. Today He is on a mission to do it in the field of home business feeding needy people from the proceeds of serving fellow entrepreneurs. Larry is a blessing and a real leader on the rise.

June Simmons pic wyoming

June Simmons from Wyoming is a real worker with a heat. As a mom with kids to feed she saw an opportunity to get certified as a real electrician to raise those babies rather than ask welfare to pay the way.

Met lots of people in life with a determination to make a difference. June is a special flower with a story to tell of how to overcome adversity and strive on to success in life. She has a great personality and a huge desire to help other people work for their success with a real path.  She is not afraid to take the necessary steps to enjoy that success in our field. We are happy to have sponsored June.

BJ Kohler pic updated

Boy oh Boy what an honor to have this little lady from our home state of Montana. Libby. A retired nurse with a heart to serve. Over thirty years she served as a nurse.

Today she has a passion to help people solve problems and enjoy the fact that, needy Americans that get fed in the process. He is not one for all kinds of fancy talk just enjoys the truth straight from the hip. Her passion for helping others to achievement warms my heart a real blessing to be her sponsor.

Rons pic moses lake

Ron Reynolds of Moses Lake Washington Retired professional Entrepreneur who saw a way to help people earn their own success fast with a proven system. Feeding needy Americans with proceeds from the work of exposing a health solution that makes such a difference to the body. He has a few big hitters in motion these days and will make a good impact. His dedication to honoring God with integrity and service has always been a Quality that impressed me. So glad Mike his sponsor not on face book thought to connect us.

zeno pic image

Zeno Cohen of Post Falls Idaho a High Dollar Investment Specialist with a skill set in serving the high dollar earners with proper channels for investment. As he has a global team of winners. It is an honor to see him recognize the need for a product so helpful to the body and a process proven to help people. Zeno has always has a huge heart to make a difference one of the most generous leaders I have met in a life time. So glad to see him aboard.

kenneth Dawkins pic

Kenneth Dawkins from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Talk about dedication 2 to 3 regular jobs and time to be an entrepreneur at the same time. A Chef by trade with a passion to make a difference. He has overcame his fears and set a pace many can follow speaking out about no opposition to his position. Bringing encouragement and motivation to a weekly radio show helping a team of global entrepreneurs make it happen weekly. The dedication he holds to serve others makes him a real honor to have brought to the team.

Carolyn Halerwich-Varley pic canada

Carolyn Halerwich is a real blessing from Canada with a passion to help people. Her desire to make a difference and add quality to life is what makes her such an addition to the team.

Amina Kalim pic

Anima Kalim from the Philippines is a real hard working person with a major desire to help people achieve. The love she carries in her heart to be so helpful in any way makes her truly a magnet for success.

Thomas Reid pic

From Troy Montana Tom Reed a real blessing to see on the team. A huge passion to serve God Tom is on a path in ministry preparing for an overseas mission this year. As an electrician with a huge Love to serve God he sees our way of making a difference as a great way to earn some extra income for his missions work. Truly a major honor to sponsor Tom he has one of the best hearts for service in church youth ministry I have seen in years.

florence preston pic

From our Nations Capital it is an honor and blessing. Florencetine Preston who made a life career of helping special needs children. To see she came to this team to help people with nutrition and financial earnings completely warms my heart. It will be fun to see such a giving person become a major success story. She has a heart for our Lord and love for his children.

patrics chef hat pic

Patrick Christensen from Oak Harbor Washington

A professional baker by trade looking for a way to make a difference and a living at the same time minus politics and hog wash. He enjoys a simple system based on truth and integrity that a person can earn their success with. His passion to break his comfort zone to embark on entrepreneurship is more than inspiring way to go Vicki for bringing him on the team.

There are others on the team as well as we are multiplying quickly. The question to ask yourself is with all this proof in the pudding is there any reason you do not deserve to become a success story with help too?

Our hourly coaching fee out side these opportunities is $700. Our speaking fee as a motivational speaker is $700 + travel and lodging. As a person with a huge desire to help create major success stories at a rapid pace. Should you choose to get enrolled in all five trends below at just under $60 each totaling just under $300. Than invest into a $440 bronze traffic pack.

I will personally give you 5 hours of one on one coaching over a 5 week process to provide you with the edge you need to duplicate fast. All we share is a proven path to the success you are willing to work for daily enjoy our link below to the future you deserve.

5 trends going to happen with or with out you and I

To get on our weekly newsletter packed with great tips and strategies to the money in the field of home business click link below enter your info and it will not be sold to anyone. We just are aiming to serve you to the best of our ability with the truth making such an impact on today’s market.


Below is a link to our face book group


A master mind group for people to share the path of what is working today and mentor with 7 figure earner multiple times as the show host Joe Nied. It is a blessing to teach on this show daily at 9AM MT time zone Monday through Friday. Every Speaker on the show today outside of the host was a member of our Solutions Will Profit Family.

Nothing like real proof for results when your entire team is the whole show kind of proves you know how to come out of no ware and lead with integrity exercising the principal of the law of attraction sharing value to develop a team of winners. That is exactly what we have practiced. Hear a global team in action making a difference with some major truth to success on the episode below


May God bless you beyond your imagination this year congratulations for taking the time today to see a proven path that a person can work for their success with. It will be an honor to meet you in person, over the phone, on line or at one of our events. Embrace success today while opportunity is with in your grasp with help each step of the way.



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