4 daily actions practiced to take team from 0-90 in Feb 2016!

Would you like the ability to see how a team went from zero to 90 in 24 days across 9 states and into 3 countries  in Feb. 2016?

And here is 90 person team feb pic

Here is before picture below pic above was February 24th 2016

a 34 2 wks global pic

The first step is to recognize solutions that are trends for the masses that are going to expand on a global scale with our with out you or I over the next 2 years from 10% market Domination to 80%.

History proved the power of one single trend (The Automobile) as it took 27 years to climb that {s curve from 10%-80%} known as critical mass market timing. Well more wealth was created in America than our nation had seen since its birth!

Two major factors are a must in a true leader that is a multi million dollar earner creating success on a massive scale.

Prospects Daily for the solutions offered to the masses. Then the ability to stay healthy to lead the charge.

Our personal 3rd is to make a difference with what we do in the lives of many.

So Is there a nutritional problem with our intake of food these days? Every heard of acid rain, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetic plant growth hormones?

The soil has not the proper minerals any more and the genetic science experiments have taken their toll on the plants and people or animals that ingest the vegetation.

Health & Wellness pic

Medical Experts say ALL DISEASE can be traced to one way shape or form of mineral deficiency. All Cells individually need proper oxygen levels to perform at their best levels allowing optimum immune potential for the body.

These facts do not need prayed about or thought about for the perfect time to take action. The best way to solve what is missing is to add it back to the picture. I do not need to be a doctor or medical expert to understand this and neither do you.

Less than 2 dollars a day brings this solution as a reality to life 100% money back guarantee so no risk to add this solution to your health. From every purchase this company teamed up with a non profit known as Meals of Hope

Feeding a needy American a meal with every single purchase of these Drops! Less than 2 dollar per day solution that also feeds a needy person that is definitely making a difference for sure.

Yes Yes and Yes What kind of results are people seeing and does the product really work? click below see the facts you can not spend money or sign anything just see how the product has impacted people


Now this next link will allow you to just be a consumer not a distributor not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.


For those who do want a done for you system with a consumable product all affordable check out this set of facts. Every month your product is 59.95 it comes with 20 real leads of interest email addresses phone numbers and names.

A call center to take calls on your behalf asking your prospects for a pin number in your back office. Should they choose to begin as a consumer, promoter, or both they are tied to your pin number meaning you get paid.

Can not get much more done for you than that. Our Capture pages convert top notch and offer a free trial to see the truth helping many succeed today. I add the traffic to my email list and market all our solutions!

Enjoy and begin risk free by clicking link below


Next We look at the importance of ALL ENTREPRENEURS WITH WEBSITES need clicks to them to maintain in business creating profits bottom line. Generation of Traffic on a commercial scale is the most sought after skill set on the internet today E_learning is a major trend having the most up to date on modern strategies provides entrepreneurs the edge over the rest.

Traffic in the form of paid for clicks to websites has an average cost of 8 – 15 dollars per click. So a real person of interest in the USA or Canada has clicked on line and expressed they are searching for a home business.

These clicks sold Under $2! Yep a measly little less than 2 dollars per click bringing another solution so obvious it does not need prayed for or thought over when it comes to saving hundreds to thousands per month in operation expenses of generating automatic traffic to your entrepreneurial websites or blog posts. 

web traffic pic

Click link below enjoy the tour after you enter your information all risk free jam packed with the internet solutions impacting today.


2 trends 2 solutions that will explode with our with out you and I over next 2 years. So first key to successful building is to understand you have the correct solutions for the market timing for massive growth.

Our second daily action is to not be afraid to run with the truth we have and know. Just like many folks said the car, computer, and smart phone would never create wealth were wrong. Today is no different every rear end experiences a few hemorrhoids from time to time.

This Video below demonstrates the path of followers who see a determined leader at the task at hand. When you step out of your Comfort Zone not afraid to share solutions with the masses the way this Dance Dude sets into motion a major following. Enjoy Video demonstration below

90 people saw a solution bottom line since February 1st-24th 2016. That is an average of 4 per day so not too far fetched for the little guy or gal. We have a blog post that teaches you how to have 51 people with email and phone numbers to call on a daily bases just look under {recent Posts} upper left corner lots of morsels to earning in those posts.

Our Third daily action 

Make a Difference. Show people your genuine be real enough to follow an email to a phone call. Or take a face book Chat to a personal phone call. prove there is a live person dedicated to the process of the team growing daily. Understand that every single order of the o2 drops made feeds a needy American.

Our 4th Daily Action is to mastermind with fellow Entrepreneurs Monday-Friday on a live radio show. You can go back through the archives and hear me teach on this radio show every single day out side of the weekends from before our team was even started to 24 days later today being 90 across 9 states and into 3 other countries.

Today’s here is a recording of all of us together sharing what is creating success on a global scale daily! Our Host Joe is over a 7 figure earner from scratch multiple times.

The talent in the home business coaches who share how their teams are developing. It is nice to have this positive mojo so to speak in action daily to remind us when we get on a phone call, chat, or email with a person who will be negative no matter who or what comes down their street.


Now for weekly tips and how we continue to build success with the latest of on line proven earning methods working now leave your info in our capture page below it won’t be sold and you will get a free lead generation system that actually works as a gift. When you know how to fish daily on line you won’t go hungry enjoy the bear picture in the page.


Congratulations for seeing a proven path we look forward to helping you achieve and meeting you on line, over the phone, or at one of our events.


53 on team from zero in 8 states & 3 countries in 3 weeks Feb 2016

Would you enjoy a global team in 3 weeks if you saw how? When what you share is a solution to many problems and keeps a little more money in the bank account people kind of enjoy the process.

From zero on February 1st to 53 members before the 21st 2016 across over 8 states and in to 3 other countries. pic below

a great 53 person team pic

When you see the many problems people faced and saw a money back guarantee solution under 2 dollars per day cost. At the same time with a done for you marketing system complete with leads each month with product order all priced under 2 dollars per day. Well as you can imagine its creating quite the buzz globally quickly click on link below to see real life testimonies.


Now that you have seen some testimonies below is a link to hear a Doctor explain the many benefits behind this simple little solution with such incredible stories of accomplishment. It is a recorded conference call well worth hearing if health and more comfort in life is a desire at all.

If you missed the call with Dr. Krauss because the lines were full (Just shows how many people are interested in this product) Listen here:

When you click on the Download link on the recording page, you can either open the recording
on your device and listen to it from there, or you can download and save it on your device.


The link below is to be a consumer who does not want to be a distributor.


Next is the link to begin your journey as an entrepreneur scroll down just a little enjoy the video. When it is finished scroll back to top click on join and ensure your position. From there you simply log into your new back office click up grade and select option 2 with 20 leads and product.  or Option 3 for mail order marketing with 50 post cards with address labels of leads to mail out.


Congratulations for seeing a path that works to improve life’s quality look to your upper left and see {recent post} lots of morsels to income information in each of those links click and enjoy.

Below is our Solutions Will Profit Face book group


It really is an honor to help folks achieve their goals as a professional home business international coach enjoying a global team today. Enjoy our tips and strategies in our weekly email list enter your information and for free enjoy a lead generation system that really works! Also on next page 5 most in demand trends on the entire internet. Helpful stuff for today’s Entrepreneur

As Zig Ziglar used to say

{“The more people you help achieve the more success you enjoy.”}

Our passion is to help people succeed here is the page to our email list below



How to attain 51 leads daily costing nothing more than efforts.

Could you use 51 leads daily for your business that cost nothing more than your efforts to collect them off the internet? All Entrepreneurs need leads!

Think about this the one thing asked by over 97% who spent money to capitalize on an opportunity to earn with who fail to do so in today’s home business market. Still with just a 3% success rate creates more wealth around the globe than any other way of income generation on the entire planet.

The big question is ….(” now that I have my business what do I do to get paid?)

As you can see if you fell into that 97% failed to earn category congrats we both have that in common.  To prove the facts true of what works in the market today just over the last 3 weeks put together a team over 55 people across 8 states and into three countries see pic below.

an another 56 team global 3wk pic

From zero on February 1st to 56 in over 8 states and into 3 countries out side the USA! When you have the solutions that are needed by today’s entrepreneurs it helps a lot.

When you are focused on helping people solve problems that save them money monthly and at the same time provide a solution who does not enjoy a few extra bucks in the wallet or purse?

Well it really does not matter the name of the company or what the service is all of them need clicks to websites or customers to have profits in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The number one challenge leading to failure in this home business industry is…….

{ How do I find people of interest to enjoy sharing solutions that have profits }

Friends & Family have all seen the mlm and affiliate earn a million in a month programs promising something for nothing then charging a fortune for only a piece of the how to get paid pie in home business.

The ones worth their salt in the 3% success area charge a fortune than show the basics. People only consistently purchase form those they know, like, or trust. With out live communication a long term purchasing relationship paying a residual income is darn near impossible to achieve.

This can be learned the hard expensive way of trial and error or through the wisdom of our experience in the last 20 years proving it true.  Pay for thousands of clicks with hundreds of sales sounds like the ideal plan. Yet when the first round is over and no relationship formed come round two???

100 team members got started free 98% saw it cost money, time, and effort for true success. Leaving 2 sticking it out to produce.

Or you could help 10 people to a simple solution to a problem that is faced that saves them monthly dollars in the family budget.

As you do this they like the solution and enjoy the extra money and because they had a conversation with you not afraid of presenting a solution to the faced problem. Well next month the purchase is automatic this process multiplies based on affordability to the masses and convenience.

You see the masses advertise their need for work today and even place their real phone numbers and email address for instant connection availability. craigslist.org is a great source to find Resumes. The serious enough for opportunity now have their real contact info for faster response.

Should you have a spend money to join home business you must understand these folks are not looking to spend money to get a job. They are advertising because they want a job.

When you have a solution that pays weekly on Wednesday that you can start earning for free with. Well Independent Pay is not salaried but often welcomed by most who hold the skill sets offered in their resumes that bring the success to what is offered in your home business.

The ability is present to create from $20 to $60 in commissions over one hour of time providing a solution that helps people in their daily activities to better production, more profits, and a lot more comfort to life.

That is an edge for an opportunity to share with the people advertising that they use the very skill sets to get paid with this very solution. They do not need to beg for the job. They can set their own hours, and have a proven path to profits weekly.

1. 20 minute website presents solution.

2. Appointment for 20 minute viewing scheduled at (A) or (B) time is set.

3. An action plan with potential profits displayed on individuals hours of commitment daily to their own success for a full work quarter is displayed.

4. After solution is presented with personal action plan enrollment on team to begin the process takes place. ( This done with coach or professional call center) There are also those who simply recognize success on site and simply click to join and begin the process while you are sleeping at night.

You are looking for resumes in customer service, sales, or work from home desired. As you see the skills matched to the ability to carry out the 4 simple steps above you have then located a lead!

( Hello Mr. or Mrs. lead connecting with you today because the skill sets listed in your craigs list resume are a perfect match for our company! We have an opening for an on line interview by website and phone that takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Would 11 Am today or 4pm fit your schedule best?)

Schedule that appointment and only at the time of appointment that they call you at that specific time, do you give them the website. Let them know you will connect back with them in 20 minutes with a success coach who can wrap a plan of potential income around their schedule of time to work their business paying next Wednesday so they might as well have a path to the profits available.

{ any questions asked the answers will be found in the 20 minute overview followed by the potential profits on your work schedule between now and Wednesday (then redirect to A or B appointment time to secure appointment)}

Daily work schedule for less than 5 hours per day to have 100 to $300 potential from home.

pic 51 cities with more than 50,000 person population on craiglist. You may have to google population of city chosen. This way you know you can find at least 3 resume’s with real email and phone numbers only. Doing that in all 51 cities brings you a list of 153 prospects wanting exactly what you have to offer.

17 cities with 3 resumes each is 51 leads for a day easily found in less than a couple hours of your time costing you nothing more than that time itself.

So when you can begin for free with a solution that is a consumable health drop for under the tongue under 2 dollars per day money back guarantee and the business behind it is a start up for free. If you become a consumer as well as a seller bigger commissions earned.

Not just bigger commissions though the company understands the hardest part of any home business is finding the consumers. So for our builders who are also product consumers every month the product comes for under $60 with the product comes the choice of 50 post card leads, or 20 certified phone leads with email address, phone number and names.

Now tell me that don’t take all the hard parts out! A business you can start for free. Add the product you offer to your own life and with it comes the leads of people looking for it. The company purchases the leads and rewards its action takers to position them for the best success!

click the link below for access to how this process takes place do not worry you are not forced to spend any money to see!



Free methods 53 team members 8 states 2 countries 3 weeks from zero 2/16

Across 8 states into 2 other countries over 53 team members from zero over last three weeks being last week of January 2016 to today February 19th 2016!

a great 53 person team pic

Below is a real success story from a zero to over a full time income earned more than what 40 hours of minimum wage full time. Start to finish just the last 4 weeks!

Just want to paint a picture of some truth setting many free leading by example giving the glory to God for blessing us with some awesome solutions to share with the masses.
Here is the fundamentals to the success plain and simple below this video was recorded a week before picture above showing 53 members! This process is the real thing no joke.

here are the testimonies of proof in the pudding for the product below
Here in the long link below is our Dr call recording the lines were so full at the time people were not able to get on! Truly shares what a blessing we have with this great opportunity to help the body and the pocket book at the same time!

WOW is all I can say! Everything is coming together!

If you missed the call with Dr. Krauss because the lines were full (Just shows how many people are interested in this product) Listen here:

When you click on the Download link on the recording page, you can either open the recording
on your device and listen to it from there, or you can download and save it on your device.


Now that you have seen the full meal enter your information and enjoy the most lucrative treat this industry of work from home as ever seen. You deserve success it is your turn to earn click link below


Congratulations for seeing a path of truth setting many free there are more morsels to profits look to your upper left see {recent post} click on any of those and you will be surprised at what you can learn free of charge!

Solutions Will Profit top 2 Monthly Success stories! 1

Truly it is an honor to write this very much deserved blog post with our fist winner by actions to profits. Vicki Cunningham- Payton of Sebastian Florida!

Vicki pic on line s p

On the 29th of this month and 30th of the rest of them this year. We will present a success story of a team member who has produced more on part time efforts from home than what minimum wage pays for 40 hours of labor in a job.

Vicki less than a month ago opted in to our capture page with courage to begin a journey of entrepreneurship with a live person coach. A proven earning system with the ability to profit in 5 of the most in demand trends on the internet today.


Overcoming here fear to speak to people on the phone as she puts it. Was her main agenda with her goal to earn on line from home in a way that makes a difference as well as a living.  We were both educating our selves in the new age of internet strategies in our Traffic Academy School with a solution we offer to the market for traffic generation.

The ability to have the education from the entrepreneurs actually earning over a quarter million dollars from the laptop or smartphone in just the last quarter of 2015 start to finish. Is a common blessing we enjoyed. Sharing facts to help people get paid on our radio show in that trend is a blessing enjoyed as well.

This priceless education in entrepreneurship is a whole lot less than what a business degree would cost a college student. In fact the education is less than $2400 per year to keep up to speed with the latest. Less than 200 a month is pennies to be informed of what works in the on line world live today!

A smoker pays cash that is on welfare to enjoy an 8 dollar per day pack of cigarettes. So this education in our TRAFFIC ACADEMY of how to earn your freedom with entrepreneurship as Vicki has done in just the last month! link below has this tool of our trade.


As Vicki’s coach simply listening to what the problems were in her path to this road to work from home. We simply mapped out a map of actions exactly like our first training video in our video training blog posted at the top of our face book group. We will post the link below


Did Vicki have some real road blocks? Well her survival of a battle with cancer, selling of a home and relocating to a new area in Florida was a pretty busy schedule of events in her life.  3 days into her garden harvest process she calls me to ask for prayer for her brother who has been predicted terminally ill.

She still persisted through that challenge than less than two weeks he died. Vicki determined to not let the pain of him out of misery in heaven and gone from earth, stop the process she had began to make a difference in her life and earn her freedom.

Vicki recognized money is made in masses when a trend is capitalized on. As well over 95% of all million dollar entrepreneurs have more than one stream of income. Rather than being afraid to have more than one income stream Vicki embraced all five with no fear.

Today she has teams in multiple states on the grow and over the last 15 days time generated in multiple trends profits from less than 4 hours of phone calls she was afraid in her heart to make but determined to succeed more than let the fear stop the actions. Over $300!

Now that is what you call a full time wage generated on 4 hours of simply performing the proper actions of sharing solutions with others. Connecting with them to hear what the problem is more month than money or not enough time with the family driving the client on the other end of the phone.

Scheduling a time when they have 20 minutes with no interruptions in front of their computer to see the solutions to what they have described. From there a call with the coach to see a game plan around the clients time commitment daily to earn their own success with.

From there the client gets problems solved and profits are created. Vicki chose to practice these simple habits daily and as a result has now accomplished in less than a month of action. What 97% fail to do in the work form home industry and that is get paid from home.

We are so proud and honored to display Vicki as our first Success story in February 2016. Way to create your success rather than make excuses to avoid it Vicki! We praise God for having you aboard the team.

Vicki made three calls 2 with me and one on her own. 2 new people joined her team from different states. For an option that allows the body to perform at its best on a cellular level under 2 dollars per day with 50 prospects of interest each month with the consumable product solution.

Because Vicki took the time less than an hour total her team grew by 2 counting her 3 orders produced profits. So the company as a thank you with a mission of love in the heart of the owner provides an American person who would go with out a meal a meal that day! So we make a difference as well as a living at the same time.

Vicki 3 people got fed from your less than 2 hours of efforts to help people from the comfort of your own home! So proud of you way to make things happen rather than expect them to fall from the sky. May God bless you past your imagination this year it is a blessing to have you on the team Vicki.

Make a difference with this healthy solution and as well proceeds from every order feed a hungry American. click LINK BELOW scroll down a little and enjoy video sharing the solution that serves in so many ways. It serves, saves, and pays!


Our passion here at Solutions Will Profit is to empower people to earn their freedom with Entrepreneurship. Never a free lunch just the best tasting one you will ever eat when it is prepared properly.

Twenty minutes of how we capitalize on the 5 most in demand trends on line today in one place. click link below look me in the eye and enjoy the truth setting many free today.




34 team members 2 weeks globally 4 steps to success in 2016

34 team members across 7 states and into 2 countries in 2 short weeks time using 4 simple steps to success. Completed first 12 days of February 2016 pic below

a 34 2 wks global pic

It truly is important to be able to duplicate with a system anyone can accomplish with. 4 simple steps are what allowed results in pic above. Below is a video we are going to use as Basic Training for Solutions Will Profit.

Keep in mind. The entire process of your success depends on the foundation you lay into your organization from your first month in business. Setting 1 hour per day to have 2 people see website and use coach or call center to then enroll team member or consumer of solution. Profit is made and a daily habit of one productive hour has been set into motion with profits.

A week later over 53 members and 3 countries doing exactly what was taught above. It is simply a process see pic with proof below


a great 53 person team pic

Now you can spend the rest of the day planning, strategies, or what ever your heart desires as the owner of your home business. The habit of the hour of disciplined actions to profits must be completed first though. It insures your income.

Now from 56 to over a hundred members just a week later than on to over 280 members a week after that. pic below

Duplication proof and pay pic



Below is class number 2 for developing your success as an entrepreneur.

So next we are going to put the Icing on the cake understanding the importance of combining High Touch (old school basic earning methods) with High Tech ( new tech approaches to profits) enjoy training below

To understand the advanced earning and process to duplication on a massive consistent scale the training below you will find well worth your while!

   Below is the rest of our Solutions Will Profit Training Center full of morsels to profits helping today’s Entrepreneurs! click on link below titled training station.


Link to be on the team that is mentioned in first video 34 global members in 2 weeks is below click scroll down enjoy video scroll back to top and join now


Now from day one have had the pleasure to teach on a radio show Monday through Friday through an On Line Team that allowed me to launch this brand Solutions Will Profit. The Traffic Academy has the courses that taught me to add twenty years of old school experience with the tech age solutions of today.

Having a group of Entrepreneurs masterminding with multiple time million dollar earner and trainer Joe host of the show. A real treat to be part of and fun to teach on daily. Below is probably one of the best most educational episodes on how to create your success today! click link below

radio show feb 12

below is the link to learn how to have traffic authority provide you the on line education of how to tackle today’s market with any network marketing or affiliate earning opportunity on the internet with the Traffic academy! click link below






Today here and now we will break down the process of why 5 trends instead of one. The power behind a scheduled set of actions.

How branding yourself allows you to serve your Entrepreneurs on a much higher level!

When it comes to them earning the process must be simple to duplicate and at the same time have the proven triggers pulled mentally to position a purchase.

History has a path of proven results that can be applied over and over to produce a successful out come.

Entrepreneurship has a biblical secret to it. Just like the bible knowing what it says is knowledge.

If you do not practice that knowledge to allow it to produce wisdom with the actions of application. There is no fruit on the tree with out the actions of sowing the seed.(Mark 4:1-20) & (John chapter 15)

When we apply the fundamentals daily the harvest will cycle daily every 90 days. Every day is day one for 90 days.

Practicing the habits to profits consistently 5 times per day for five days per week every week. Is histories part time hours of 25 per week to earn more than minimum wage 40 hours of full time work.

3 months of those part time actions lay in the full time earnings that continue to multiply as the process is repeated. 5 hours per day potential 10k in fast start earnings.

And 1 thousand in monthly residuals from repeat monthly consumers of product or service.3-4 hours per day 6 month process to same results. 1-2 hours a day 12 to 24 month process to those same earnings.

A person can choose 1 company and have all their eggs in one basket. It was a mistake that cost my family everything for real in 2003.

Company BK and no income. So if you recognize the magic to the big bucks is not in a single company but rather the capitalization of a trend in motion as it climbs from 10% market domination to 80%.

This little piece of WISDOM is what allows an entrepreneur to then brand themselves and carry several solutions to the markets problems that are in demand by the masses.

Showing your brand plan allows you to serve your entrepreneurs with a desire to get paid from home on their level.

Some do only one and others recognize the money in all 5. Each trend is less than 2 dollars per day.

Under $60 each. Just under $300 total to participate in all 5 trends. Start up cost. There are 4 personality types of people so with all 5 trends there is an option for every person!

All five trends have an average cost of a total of 10 dollars per day to operate.

3 proper exposures per day part time has the potential to bring in 60 in daily minimum commissions!

5 times your operation cost for simply doing your daily action of sharing your brand with 3 people per day properly! (sowing the seed)

If you only have one option you fail to meet the personality type with the product or service offered 3 out of 4 times. Branding yourself allows you better odds with each (show the plan) proper exposure experience.

Now history has proved 97% of people who attempt to earn in the most lucrative field of home business fail. 95% of start up companies tank in under 6 months.

(they lead with free to start and next to nothing to operate) 90% who get started and spend the money to the secret upgrade for the serious get that

 (HERE IS THE CATCH FEELING IN THE BACK OF THEIR MIND) It then produces an invisible shield of repel all the people they try to prospect.

Their body language and voice tone give off this tone screaming {I AM HERE TO MAKE MONEY OFF YOU!}

The bible teaches us the truth sets you free. History has proved retention in business builders comes when the facts of how much it cost, and what is the process to profits are clearly understood from day one. 7 out of 10 stick.

 Sure more instant sales on a hyped up choice can be slammed or made. It is pretty simple to utilize fear of loss to accomplish that method. But doing things that way is 100 get started and 90 days later only 2 left on the team.

History has proved the fact that 80% of all transactions happen on the 5th attempt. History has also proved that over 90% of entrepreneurs do not even attempt 3 times to accomplish a transaction.

History has proved the Entrepreneur who understands the process has the courage to ask up to 5 times before the big choice is even made.

For the action to get started was took, in the psychology of how they present what is offered to the client.

Solutions Will Profit presentation walks them through 5 trends with the

{yes that makes sense of a trend in motion with no argument it will happen with or with out us.}

5 times the head in the presentation is bouncing up and down and the mental energy screams Solutions!

When the prospect is truly financially challenged the least expensive but also most successful at duplication on a fast paced level. Completely affordable with a consumable product and 50 leads under 60 dollars!

At the end of the call or video presentation with solutions will profit the stage is set the 5 yeses are in play and the most logical solution to begin with is there and the next step is the process to profits.

The coach does this at first than the student becomes the teacher after the habit is formed. (21 days of consistency forms the habit)

A game plan of actions on the hours they can commit too on their schedule is laid out in front of them with potential profits showing for the 3 months of actions behind the time they can contribute daily to their own success.

As the prospect sees a solution that meets their needs and clearly is layered around them rather than the presenters agenda. They recognize a path they believe they can accomplish and getting started is the only logical step left!!!

Clearly you can see this is not a magic act. It truly is a simple process.

Traffic packs in TA range from $220-$8000 with commissions ranging from $100 to $4000 per sale. They are not mandatory but optional. 

Purchasing leads has been a practice over 40 years in our industry today. A click to the website needs to be followed up on real regular to convert that lead into a buyer.

Same process exactly as if you met the person at a gas station and collected their contact info with a desire to earn.

People buy from those they know like and trust. Follow up develops that position so 1000 clicks purchased may only see 1 to 3 sales on the first point of contact.

The emails automated with your personal follow up brings them around. After about 90 days the follow up drip process has hit those 997 and as they see you stuck to your trade over three months.

It puts their mind at ease that you can help them get to the destination they desire as an Entrepreneur. Google, Face book have average cost per clicks as high as 8 to 15 dollars. Pick 12 to be in the middle that is $18000 invested for a 1000 clicks.

With Traffic Authority they can get 1000 clicks for 1000 dollars! Entrepreneurs for real love to save money on add spend.

They do not need convinced to save money and multiply profits it simply serves them with the tools and education they need.

As a builder on a conservative strategy I chose to begin with the $440 traffic pack so I could hit the 200 commission on a traffic pack that allows 11 clicks per day to a website.

 As a plan is shown from $0 to 10k on 5 presentations a day in our industry history. This allows good traffic to website allowing a list to be formed while I educate myself on my career field in the back office.

Now the first 3 8k sales I pass up because I did not purchase an 8k traffic pack but after 3 from 4 on we then qualify for the Diamond 8k pk that pays out 4k in commissions on a single sale!

Also recognize that as you move 2 of the same traffic packs you get one free!

After the traffic completes its Traffic Authority process you have some commissions from the tools or education academy and a list of prospects you own free and clear with a real desire for a home business. 

Now you email them your other opportunities (you know the opportunities telling you to build a list to market too and follow up with)

That meets their needs and enjoy the profits from helping folks achieve with the tools that save them operation expenses and multiplies profits from the actions applied daily.

Our passion is to help you develop your dreams into a reality as an entrepreneur.

Here is our page to leave your info into and we can send you news letter updates and tips to help you achieve in our industry today. click link below


Eric Worry quote dream building