The 5th Plague to failure is Loneliness

Loneliness is a major trap set by the devil that has a very simple solution and root to understand. A root of the tree is its heart. The root of loneliness is your heart. Is it full of love or hate?

  1. Do you love another person even more than God himself? ( spouse or child)
  2. Do you understand how much love God has for you?
  3. Are your motives for what you attempt to accomplish in life based on love or material gain that is worthless in heaven?
  4. What emotions drive you to succeed the most? Joy, excitement, gratitude, or worry, doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, hate and rage?
  5. Are you keeping track of your blessings or paying more attention to the ones you do not have?
  6. Are you a taker in life or a giver?
  7. Do you love yourself as God does and your neighbor as yourself?

First we must Identify the plague or plagues we are suffering. Now once we know that does it make sense to consult God and ask for his wisdom in prayer? Jesus says in Matthew Chapter 7 verses 7-11

(“Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

Or what man is there among you who, if his sons asks for bread, will give him a stone?

Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent?”

if you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”)

So we take the second step and that is prayer. Often the mark from here is missed that keeps so many trapped in the plague because they prayed.

 then expected the answer to fall out of the sky while they go back to the same daily routine that had them consumed by the plague in the first place!

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same habit over and over again and expect different results. Some where in the picture, a change must be made in the daily activities to bring a different result.

The most important thing you need to understand is the change in the daily actions. Prayer is the first then you need to hear what God has to say!

 How do we accomplish that? Jesus instructed us to seek first the kingdom of God. In the book of John it states In the beginning was the word and the word was God.

 When that is the fact it only makes sense to seek out the answers to those prayers we must then read the word. Paul shows us here in the book of Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10 through 17.

(Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the Whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness, in the heavenly places.

Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth,

 having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of piece;

 above all taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.)

When we know a scripture that says we can, when the enemy wants us to think we can not. That scripture is the verse we combat the negative thought with making the word the sword.

 Often what you will find is a situation in the word that has similarities to what the circumstance is you are facing. Some times at a sermon from the pastor of the church the message delivered is the same circumstances you are facing. A lot of folks do not attend church saying it is full of hypocrites.

Yes every church has people in it and only Jesus himself was perfect. So never will you find the perfect church! I know the word never lies so I attend church because in the pastors sermon is a message from The Holy spirit speaking through that message. 

God is the Holy Spirit and so is Jesus and when they have something to say I want to hear it. I do not go to church to be in a contest with my fellow brothers and sisters to simply see who is the holiest. The bible says we all fall short.

When I am not able to attend the building I still find a sermon on line to find the answer to the prayer when I have not received it. Answers to prayers do not fall out of the sky we must seek them!

  1. 1. Identify the plague or plagues.
  2.  2. Pray for the wisdom from God for the solution then seek the answer in his word and through you daily activities that are in motion with putting God first in your life.
  3. 3. When you locate the activities in your daily life that do not follow the words instructions, as too the plague (that you are suffering)
  4. 4. those are the key factors to eliminate in your daily process. They are to be replaced with a Godly way of dealing with what is at hand.

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Overcoming Fear the 4th Plague to failure

Fear It is the number one killer in the world today. When consumed by fear all of the five plagues follow as a natural reaction. A lot of the questions in each plague need to be addressed to form your plan of attack to remove this Plague that destroys so many. I learned a few years back an acronym for the word fear that defines its power quite well. False Evidence Appearing Real.

  1. Do the opinions of other people hold more value than the opinion of God too you?
  2. When we have the ability to learn from a failure in life and be able to experience what not to do, Are we attempting again to accomplish the goal with out making the same mistake we learned when we failed the first time?
  3. Are you aware of the blessings and protection we have as Gods children?
  4. Do you know what Gods word says about how to combat fear itself, and what the weapon his word has for us to fight it with?
  5. Are you aware of the prayer Jesus prayed for us to be able to accomplish in this world?
  6. Are you excited about what you do not see ahead or worried about the out come?
  7. Is God really above all else in your life?

Scripture here is a must and first we will turn to Hebrews Chapter 11 verses 1-3. Just before we step into scripture here ask your self this question. Is fear a visual object of substance you can see or hold in your hand?

Of course not and the bible in this scripture is going to show you its weapon that you are not able to see or hold in your hands either!

( Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. )

So now that we know the weapon how do we attain it? Paul explains this in Romans Chapter 10 verse 17

( So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.)

Well this means to gain faith we must put forth actions of reading Gods word daily. The more you read the more you understand and the less that fear can control you! Faith is like a muscle it will not produce itself it takes action to build. Now ask yourself this Question?

If Jesus were standing right next too you would you be afraid of anything? Now fear would stand no chance whatsoever. So recognize this simple fact.

When it came to the advancement of Gods way over the worlds God never once told Jesus no on a prayer he requested?

Here in John Chapter 14 verses 12-14 Jesus shows us why fear has no place in life for us.

(“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. “And what ever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. “if you ask anything in My name, I will do it.)

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Destroying plague 3 Depression and enjoying success!

Depression Here we are going down a side trail this particular plague has a combination of all of the plagues in it. You need to ask a lot of the questions to locate the needed changes that are listed with the other plagues.

 We are going to combat this little plague with a big sword being the word of God. It really is your only hope to destroy this awful plague to failure.

Are the people you consider you closest friends relatives or sphere of influence people who have God number one in life?

If the answer is no, this does not mean hate them, but pray for them. The sure solution is to rid your self to the thought process that they choose to make their decisions in life.

Are the thoughts that dominate your mind through out the day in sequence with Gods agenda or the worlds?

Are the motives that you consider to be your top driving factors in life in sequence with Gods agenda?

With depression being a condition of the mind, do you know what the word says about the consistent need for the renewing of your mind?

Now we are going to see what the bible has to say on the last three questions it is a must to understand in this process.

 Let’s look at Paul who wrote over half the New Testament. He had more reasons in life for depression than most will ever see.

Imagine you were him and followed the traditions to honor God to the best of your ability never once making a mistake according to those ways.

Only to find out as you are on your way to continue to murder people that did not live by the same traditions like the many you have already killed.

 Jesus appears before him and asked, Why are you persecuting my people? Now Paul could have been in the dumps for the rest of his life over the major mistakes he had carried out.

 Yet instead of focusing on what was wrong he took action to put into play what was right leaving yesterday in the past and only looking at what was in front of him today.

In Romans Chapter 12 verse 2 he shares an extremely important factor to combating depression.

( “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”)

Depression is present because rather than putting in our minds the word of God daily to know each day his will for us. We fill our minds with the ways of the world against God.

If those thoughts are the dominating factors in which we choose to live our lives than the only possible out come is depression. The bible never lies and the facts Paul shares in Philippians Chapter 4 verse 8 will prove too you why what we focus on or meditate on the most in life becomes the reality.

( Finally, brethren whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, what ever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy meditate on these things)

This is real crucial to understand because it is not just Paul giving us some advice here. This verse is a universal law. That means when applied good or evil it happens every time.

Holly wood gurus and actors got together and made millions producing a series called (The secret) off just this law itself. Today they are calling it (The law of Attraction ) Great title for it because it is true. What thoughts dominate your mind the most will attract that to you!

What is the music you hear daily?

Do you speak more failure than you do success?

Do you understand your value to Jesus Christ?

Scripture here is a must lets let Jesus explain the answer to this simple question. In Luke Chapter 5 verses 31 & 32

( Jesus answered and said unto them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance.”)

This means you and me!!!

Here is a simple formula to remember to combat depression with that is 100% fool proof.

Recognition + Repentance = Relief!

You see when we see our sin (sin meaning falling short of Gods mark) and then ask for forgiveness Jesus forgives and God no longer knows the issue.

The devil wants you to dwell on it and think you are not forgiven. We must forgive ourselves as we ask God for forgiveness and the weight of that sin vanishes for ever!

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Poverty Plague 2 of the devils traps of failure


Poverty is not a fun position for any one to endure. Yet many are stuck in the rut of more month than money.

In Direct sales, Internet marketing, or network marketing the major difference between failure and success falls on a major key of importance.

97% who attempt to earn from home fail even though it is the most lucrative way to create income on the planet!

The good news is all of the 3% that succeed had the ability to map out a clear plan of daily actions to profits in writing knowing that there is no such thing as something for nothing in this world.

Most call it sissy stuff or only a road for the wimps yet the 3% who succeed over the 97% that fail understand the importance of a clear plan of action. It is crucial to plan your work and work your plan.

Lets examine questions important to know for guidance.

Are the actions to earn the money in sequence with Gods word?

When those actions produce money do you give to the Lord your first fruits so he can multiply them? (Proverbs Chapter 3:1-10)

With a clear understanding of what it is you do to produce the money are you looking at the objectives needing accomplishing or are you accomplishing them?

What ever skill it is you have to put into action to earn do you lead the way as Jesus did for his disciples with action or do you expect others to do for you what you are not able to accomplish yourself?

Are you looking for success more than failure, or are you looking for more reasons to fail than to succeed?

When you prepare for the worst that is what you receive. When you prepare for the best that is what comes.

Knowing that when two or more are gathered for Gods agenda that Jesus is present.

Have you looked for the wisdom from a person with more experience in that field that lives a Godly agenda too, or have you beat yourself to death looking for the way all on your own?

Do you see yourself as an asset to your career or a liability?

At times we may not like the answers to these questions yet they will guide us to the change in actions to correct the issue and bring forth the prosperity to destroy the poverty!

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Overcoming addiction the largest plague to failure Jesus Style

Addiction This plague is not a fun one to look into because we will always see the truth and often it hurts. 

Ask yourself this simple question though. Would you not agree that if you are climbing a mountain that before you get to the top there will be sore legs?

 Life is like a muscle it can not rebuild to a position of strength with out a little pain. Often in the majority of the time addiction is the very method used to avoid the progressive pain that needs to be felt. 

( I am not talking serious body injury here but more so emotional pain.)

Addiction though one of the worst plagues is also one of the simplest to combat! The reason is quite simple because addiction is a daily action. All daily actions are a choice, even habits. 

It has been proven that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Replace a bad one with one that honors God and builds your faith.

3 good habits to use as bad habit replacements Prayer, Time In Gods word, and the reflections with the actions completed of living what is learned.

Always remember Love Never Fails. 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 8.

What would Jesus do?

Is this addiction a daily action you would find Jesus happy to participate in?

Ware does forgiveness stand in your on life?

Are you forgiving others the way you would like to be forgiven?

Are you forgiving yourself with the recognition that God has when you asked and forgot about it completely?

Or are you letting the devil win by refusing to forgive yourself?

Do you justify why the habit is there with the knowing that it is wrong?

The reason why has nothing to do with the habit itself because the habit itself is wrong!

Do you believe in your heart that God can and will deliver you or is your faith in need of growth by more time in Gods word and daily prayer?

Are the motives that drive you to the habit in sequence with Gods plan or the worlds?

Is God more important too you than the habit?

When a habit takes effort to accomplish why would you expect it to disappear with no effort to make that come to pass?

All questions that have real answers for real people. This is not a one page cure all to life. Overcoming the addiction is completely impossible with out God period.

As we seek him first daily the process of healing begins. Over 10 years for myself one little day at a time.

Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow may never come. All we have is today so how can we honor God and provide that glorification of him Jesus talks about in John Chapter 14:12-18.

Next is John Chapter 15 that gives us real clearly our PURPOSE of why God created us in verses 5-8.

When you practice these things as daily ways of life Jesus says all the rest will come together naturally as a result! Matt. 6:33

We are here to help produce fruit on Gods tree this only happens when we have the ability to help others to the path that God provides. We can not do this by force it must be a choice made with free will. Our daily actions display a harvest that will draw them to the path.

Because they want a good harvest too. In God’s Garden all who do the work of his word daily will have that harvest. It like success,

is a process not a magic button or instant wish from the dude in the lamp!

You will never help another recover from addiction by pointing out all their faults you can demonstrate a path that works by walking it yourself to set the example. As they want what you have they ask and bang the door is open!

Keep it simple and steady one day at a time and soon they add up to a life time of harvested blessings of dreams come true for many over just one.

1. Will the daily actions you live bring glory to God?

2. Do you believe Mark 9:23 ( To him who believes all things are possible)?

3. Are you seeking, asking, and knocking? (Matt Chapter 7)

14 days 2 chapters per day then 7 days at 3 chapters per day of reading is a journey through all the words in RED. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Write down 3 messages that stood out the most to you from the days reading.

Look for the places through the day to apply the messages from Jesus to you.  At the end of 21 days you have 3 messages per day from Jesus to you! ALWAYS PRAY FOR GOD’S WISDOM BEFORE READING.

4. Are your daily actions going to glorify God to benefit others?

5. Matt. 18:19-20 (Do you have a daily prayer partner?)

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Did you know failure has five plagues that keep people trapped in it?

Well folks we are quickly on our way into a new year. Today the day after Christmas 2015. The epic of {what to do to have a better year ahead} is the most common thread among folks this time of year.

Over the next 6 days we will launch a different plague of the five with a method to overcoming it and removing that trap from keeping you snared to missing the goals in life you would like to achieve.

The five plagues that have kept people in a trap from success in one or all areas in life have been the same since the beginning of time itself! Sometimes it is one and other times all 5.  Yours truly being myself had to learn to overcome all 5 at one point in my personal life.

Today we live in a home we are purchasing 10 years ago we were homeless, Strung out on booze smoking ciggs like a chimney , and considered to be at the end of the road of life. Even the Doctors at the time had only given me about 3 years to live even with the best health care and nutrition money could buy!

Enjoying a life today as a coach on line for entrepreneurs, not a single drop to drink in over 10 years and no smokes almost 3.  Even against the predictions of only 3 years to live from very high cholesterol, Very bad liver damage, and the medications to help me had side effects, that would kill me and finish off my liver should I use them.

At the time all 5 plagues looked as if my death was well on its way. The only thing in my favor was nothing other than prayer itself! You gotta be kidding me all that is left in life is a simple tiny little prayer. Backed with the belief God actually heard it from a wretch like me who took life so for granted.

Well God is good! Myself 10 years free, My wife 8 years free, and around 5 others have more than 3 years of no booze and a whole different future than what fate had for us in the holds of the traps found in one or all of the five plagues of failure.

According to stats from Alcoholics Anonymous 1 in 10,000 even makes it a single year sober! What we have accomplished is well over and above overcoming the odds in life that seem to majority as IMPOSSIBLE.

4 years into sobriety jumped back into Entrepreneurship to form a team with a nutritional company across 10 states with over 40 team members. Never left the home one time. On Line and Over the phone created a full time income on part time efforts in 79 short little days.

Got to meet my hero and mentor that we studied hard over 10 years! Yes even in the old drinking days still studied the bible and John Maxwell’s style of leading people. In 2009 4 years sober! had the pic below taken with him.

Earl & John Maxwell pic


We have the life today because we learned by practicing principals taught in the most successful selling instruction manual on the planet known as BIBLE.  Believe in it or not it is what it is. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

All of the five plagues to failure can be found in that bible and proven to be the very traps that stop so many from enjoying a blessed, joy filled, and abundant life style to bless others with. The next 5 blog posts after today’s will have one of the plagues followed by how to overcome them by the scriptures with the solutions!

That is right the wisdom from the Creator himself though his Word. This will leave a training section in blog posts to help a person free of charge to overcome the very traps the devil himself has plagued our world with to stop them from the potential they have to glorify God with the success they live.

How much money is it worth to be freed from one or all traps?

This course of blog posts over the next five days has a value of well over several thousand dollars. Yet its purpose is for God’s glory so we are not going to charge a dime for it! Each blog post will be emailed out to our list as well.

YOU have the choice to embrace the wisdom or continue the paths that have always got you to the destination you’re in today now. Embracing free truth that has a track record of success behind it is never a poor move or choice.

The greatest gift to man is Salvation from Jesus Christ yet you must still believe and live out God’s word in your daily life to see it manifest. You see it matters not the money you have in the bank but the knowledge You apply to the DAILY ACTIONS YOU LIVE. Also known as wisdom.

Here are the 5 plagues to failure we are going to lay out the blueprints on how to conquer them, and enjoy the VICTORY in life over the devils plagues. 1. Addiction, 2. Poverty, 3. Loneliness, 4. Fear, and 5. Depression.

If you are not on our email list make sure you get on it. This is your time to succeed and the know how is a free gift, however the practice of the know how will take work and effort daily to achieve the success desired.

We do not sell your information and enjoy helping others succeed enter your name, email, and phone number in our page we will be in contact over the next 48 business hours.

Your home for free Christian Coaching Paved with the truth setting many free today. We enjoy having the solutions that make a difference and multiply the blessings life has to enjoy.

Education Pic


Solutions Will Profit Training Station

 Welcome to Solutions Will Profit Training Station

Congratulations for having the courage to venture this far into helping yourself to the success you deserve. Look at a Pro Athlete, Dr., a Lawyer, or even a Professor. The skills they earn with took time effort and daily discipline. The practice of planned actions repeated daily until mission accomplished.

Overcoming the 5 plagues to failure courses are found as you scroll down almost to the bottom to training titled

Training on How to Overcome failure rate of 97% and enjoy the Success 3 Percent.

This training station is all written out instead of video because videos skip and internet connections vary. Your success is the most important this will help you there with no glitches.

The process of successful ENTREPRENEURSHIP is no different! Just like as a baby you don’t shoot rite out and start a foot race do you? Of course not, you learn to crawl before you walk.

Here at Solutions Will Profit the fundamentals are both brought to the table of {high tech} NEW SCHOOL and {high touch} OLD SCHOOL both have proven track records to success.

Abraham Lincoln was a self educated self made man of success. He had the discipline to attempt over and over even after many failures until he succeeded.

His constant habit of self education and never thinking he knew it all and had nothing left new to gain. Well it is that very mindset that allowed him to be one of the greatest most admired leaders the world has ever seen.

We have the 4 most in demand trends on line each with a detailed back office full of the education to become an expert in that trend. 97% who attempt to earn with a home business fail! That is a true fact in the 2015-16 times.

Rather than have the courage and discipline to follow all the training and instructions. The most common mistake is made to just dive in start marketing for business with out a clue. About the 3rd mistake made in the first or second day over 90% quit the business.

The next largest contribution to failure is the lie that a fortune is earned on the internet just because you purchased a link and pasted it in social networks. Leading folks to believe just because business is done internet style. It should all start, operate monthly, and pay out daily for FREE.

Millions of people DAILY purchase into a program then when they see the work to earn the money. Well they get mad and quit. You see the strategy used by 95% of start ups (interesting because 95% fail to stay in business longer than 6 months.)

They lead you to believe its free and next to nothing for time, money, and effort. So in come the fortunes. They then after you spent money to join simply up grade you to the SERIOUS BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.

In that level you spent the big bucks for the truth of fail your way to success by trying over and over until you succeed. OH YEAH BY THE WAY now that you have your big boy or girl pants on.

It cost on average 10 to 14 thousand dollars in a mapped out plan of attack in each direction for a full work quarter with no excuses to attain the level of earnings beyond 5 thousand dollars in monthly residuals.

When over 75% signed up with less than a thousand dollars in the bank, and if the job stopped, they are 3 months from bankruptcy! You can now understand why the opinion of the masses when it comes to home business or entrepreneurship is negative.

It is a MUST to understand success in entrepreneurship is a process not a magic trick. More money spent to position yourself for best profit potential with your daily actions to profits. Big investment Small investment DAILY ACTIONS TO PROFITS MUST TAKE PLACE.

PEOPLE ONLY REPEAT PURCHASE MONTH AFTER MONTH BECAUSE A RELATIONSHIP IS PRESENT PERIOD. So you can automate a sales process and create profits no problem. But to attain that repeat month after month sought after business TRUST has to be established.

Some believe a Top Tier investment secures the lazy and forces work habit. If there are steps to success to be followed the path is often taken but because the way they got on the path was started with a series of small white lies. The foundation of trust is not there.

The demeanor in that individual does display with out words being spoken! Is that they hope you as the prospect does not quite see the catch yet so they can earn big. The result is the invisible Ora around the presenter follows what they believe in their mind and heart first.

When the Ora is uneasy or not comfortable in feeling that is not seen by the eye often that is the tipping point to yes or no in the deal. So the odds of negative Ora are far greater when the lie is told it is free, it is easy.

People are not afraid to spend, even finance, or find the money some how over 20,000, for a new automobile for transportation. When you show them an honest path with no hidden agendas popping up later trust, respect, and willingness to stretch the comfort zone to accomplishment are the end results.

When it comes to a true financial path to security they have no problem making payments! Often a Visa card can finance 12k with payments monthly around 4 hundred and change.

When 10k work habits are practiced daily for a full work quarter the proper seeds have been planted and the work habit of sowing the seeds is beyond mastered so the results are daily harvest with the ability to multiply.

10K monthly has been a result for many who practice the discipline daily. 6 months the start up and monthly costs all paid off and a business producing profits exists completely debt free.

This creates a story that momentum’s the success already in motion to huge fortune creating events in time.

As your coach I prefer to earn your trust more than throw you through the usual sink or swim approach started with the white lies of all is free and easy. We have 4 trends under $60 to have id numbers and links to earn with.

Earl Suit Red tie

New School Earning here

new school earning pic

Starting with just one and working your way through to add the rest is an option some have to take. Not everyone has credit or money in the bank. The plan for the big bucks means eventually each one is an income stream for you.

All of the options need clicks to websites so obviously Traffic Authority our link. Is the Starting point. The Traffic Academy brings you for real thousands of dollars of education for what it cost. Everyone needs to understand how to generate traffic like a pro who wants an on line business.

For those wanting at least a 500 dollar per week or better income all 4 solutions need to be part of your income stream line. 8000 clicks to your website can be purchased in traffic authority to have adequate clicks to your websites accomplishing the income streams in one 90 day work quarter.

Wow no friends and family to use this new school method. No cold calls, No public meetings. 8000 clicks divided by 90 days is 88 clicks to your site per day! You have the ability to schedule your traffic to do exactly that!

Now Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and most others average out to about 8 to 15 dollars per click for paid advertising.

Traffic Authority has 8,000 real American and Canadian clicks at under 2 bucks per click! Saving money many spend tons of to get click to their websites. It is now a tool or soon to be in your earning arsenal!

So when you see our under 10 minute overview presentation to understand the earning potential behind 4 trends in one place. Recognize most mlms or affiliate programs need hundreds of consumers to earn thousands in monthly commissions.

10 customers here in each of the 4 trends has over a thousand dollars potential monthly income! 88 clicks per day exposed to those solutions for 90 days! Imagine the potential. It is there to be worked for and earned.

Less than $240 for links in all 4 trends than the traffic under $8500 is even less than 10k. On a Visa or Master an average expected payment of under $450.

At the end of the first 90 days the income streams can pay off the card and continue to pay the operation expenses! Then you have a debt free business producing income streams most only dream about.

The good news is you can purchase traffic in packs from $220 to Under $8500. Wow when a smoker on welfare can pay cash daily over 7 dollars per pack totaling over $210 per month. It means a person with a strong enough desire to succeed can afford at least $220 to have over 150 clicks to the website.

Now time for old school training too

old School pic image

History has left behind a trail of clues. So a little old school education here is the foundation that has taken myself and many others to a full time income on part time efforts that has an over 40 year proven track record. When you understand the path it is simple to follow.

  1. Traffic, 2. on line sales pro training, 3. branding yourself on line, and 4. Entertainment with television cable/dish.

4 of the most sought after trends to earn on the internet with in one place.

History proved lucrative fortunes are made by capitalizing on a single trend in motion as it meets the demands of the masses. History has proved there are 4 personality types of people. A solution for each type that works synergistic with the others can be one or multiple income streams.

History has proved that 95% or better of all million dollar earners have more than one stream of income. We simply combined all 4 trends in one place so when the time is spent with 1 person there is 4 types of income streams meaning there is always something for someone, when a proper exposure of the information is completed.

With just one opportunity and 4 personality types would it not makes sense you would naturally fail 3 out of four times? Famous Billionaire W. Clemment Stone said,

when you can take a product that many people use, make it better, than charge less for it, then you are guaranteed success!”

Now 5 proper exposures or show the plan’s per day 5 days per week is 25 hours part time efforts of daily habits to profits proved to earn 10k monthly incomes when a full work quarter of efforts have been applied.

That is 375 proper exposures per work quarter from 1500 contacts total from 25 per day, to book 5 proper exposures. How much was the coffee at the meeting each time, or the gas to get to each event? That is over a few   thousand dollars at 10 dollars per plan or overview in a full work quarter to earn that 10k per month income.

The average end results of the work quarters end of 375 presentations is about 100 monthly consumers creating over 1000 per month in earnings and around 20 big business builders who go after it all with the highest enrollment levels for signing up. This creating over 10k in fast start commissions.

Now picture the next work quarter with 20 people completing the task of 375 proper exposures!

You see history has proved that if 1 proper exposure per day is consistent for 5 years the top position of success is attained. When 5 per day is completed in one year the path to success is shortened.

All an Entrepreneur needs to do is commit to the number of exposures per day and remain loyal with no excuses to that work habit to achieve. All of the 3% that achieve the big bucks have the habit of this commitment of actions to profits in writing for 90 days!

The 97% who attempt to earn in home business that fail think that the 90 day game plan in writing is sissy stuff all in the head! We all have to choose a path in life the beauty is we get to choose.

So as you can see with W. Clemment Stone’s formula 4 trends in one place at the same time increases your odds for success with every presentation three times more than a single opportunity to earn commissions with would!

So this lunch isn’t free it sure is making sense now isn’t it. The real money that creates security down your family for generations to come is not from the first initial sale into the company or even the first investigation of the opportunity!

It follows the wisdom of human timing and its ability to change in a huge way on a pattern of every 90 days. Today little Jonny has not discovered a real business cost money to start and even money to operate. 90 days later and 180 attempts to earn with the free company make a million in a month start today.

Little Jonny has now learned the truth from the big earners in each business they failed to earn in. That truth is entrepreneurship cost time, effort, money to produce success period. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

It may take several more cycles before Jonny finnally gets it then decides one day to back his dreams and actions with not just his mouth but the money too.

You must understand that as a professional entrepreneur your habit of being there with those follow ups as those major life changes happen are going to be the bread and butter to the trust earned with your prospect to the point they follow instructions and produce like crazy with no whining!

Folks history has also proved that when you take the top earners in the home business network marketing industry. The average amount of personally enrolled distributors among-est them all is 42!

42 people daily doing the deal and earning income creating million dollar incomes at the top of the team. What do you think happens when the 42 all hit the top earning position? Multiplied income residual is good.

Now recognize there are 52 weeks in a year. Understand the possibilities if one year of your dedication to one or five hours per day five days per week?

As you can see success in Entrepreneurship is a process not a magic act. So now what about you?

Have you answered the question? If my efforts are going forward to profit with daily actions is there any reason it should not be the tools that help today’s proverbial Internet Gold mining as on line entrepreneurs what they need to improve their business and multiply profits?

It is easy to sleep at night that’s for sure and a garage full of stuff to sell is not even in the picture thank God!

OK ….. I Hear your thoughts. Earl I have been there so many times there is no list to market too. That is a great opportunity but it just won’t due.

Look I understand how you feel, I felt just as scared as you when the truth slapped me in the face. You would not want me to lie to you to soften the impact of the truth in the picture would you?

It was a blessing to have found a real path and figure a way to get the the top either small scale or big. The fact stands true the best way to enjoy success is to help others achieve theirs. (Zig Ziggler)

We have some tools here to help you expose the truth. Each Trend has its own Opportunity presentation. You are able to utilize weekly. As well we are going to do live conference calls Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Nights 8pm Mountain Time Zone

On Thursday nights we will do a combination of the conference call with a live google hang out. Link is posted on day of hang out in our face book group Solutions will Profit below

Now a recorded presentation to use as a tool to show the plan is in this link below Under 12 minutes A to Z. well worth seeing if you have not seen already really a must now.

Click here

The conference call number 8pm MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, nights is 1-712-770-4010

access code is 624357

To hear the last recorded conference call to use as a tool

dial 1-712-770-4019 access code 624357 then the pound key (#) for latest recording.

Our email list is easy to get on for new tips weekly

click here enter your information and presto your on the list a few emails per week keeping you up to date.

52 weeks per year what if you three way called a guest each week into each call. 156 proper exposures with a live coach. There you have the possibility to hit that magic 42.

Monday through Friday you can hear myself and others share as we mastermind with 7 figure trainer and earner Joe.

You can even dial in press one and be part of the conversations! 9Am Mountain Time Zone dial 1-914-338-0631

Look at the social networks Face book, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Just one new person met per day on each social network could bring you five prospects per day with out even leaving the home!

Folks the fundamentals have been shared master them and enjoy success most only dream of. We are always here to help and make a difference. Congratulations for taking time to learn how to apply actions to profits daily.

Training on How to Overcome failure rate of 97% and enjoy the Success 3 Percent ENJOY!

How to have the success only 3% enjoy seeing in home business training Just under half an hour of fundamentals 97% miss out on. click link below

Overcoming Plague one click link below

Overcoming Plague 2 click link below
Overcoming Plague 3 click link below
Below is a call sheet you can copy paste and print as you find names with real phone numbers on them in Craigslist Resumes! Customer service or sales sometimes even work from home. Pick 50 cities find fifty prospects success is a process.

Solutions Will Profit Call sheet.

25 per day to set 5 appointments gathering five names, phone numbers, and email addresses!

For those who love to travel that extra mile we have room for 50 total calls. This is under 3 hours per day average of under 20 total calls per hour.

Circle number of contacts. Collect 5 people of interest per day.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20

21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  

38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47  48  49  50

Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



Name_______________________________   Email ______________________



S.W.P.  7 daily actions to profits!

  1. Pray for all
  2. call into or attend by link dial 1-914-338-0631 9AM Mountain Time zone.
  3. 5 connections to set 1 appointment to 25 connections to 5 appointments. Agenda is to fill calendar.
  4. Follow up calls from day before.
  5. Read motivation or education 1 hour ( train in each back office for new folks!)
  6. Attend webinar’s/hang outs and Conference calls with a guest.
  7. Attend live events with guests. (or plan and budget for one ahead)

Email any questions or concerns to

Income Disclaimer results vary on individual daily actions to profits we can not predict other people’s work habits daily. For all details on earnings and disclaimer things see

What Solutions Will Profit does to multiply profits for entrepreneurs

Welcome to Solutions Will Profit

second pic with John better view

Simply allowing an entrepreneur the tools to market that help other entrepreneurs save monthly operation expenses, provide the top Education of how to succeed in the back office of each of the 4 major most in demand trends on line today. Multiple income streams and live person coaching all in one place. This is real business not get rich quick success is only followed by correct daily discipline of actions to profits.

Trend 1 Traffic & Education

(Traffic Authority)

On Line Tools


Every business on line needs traffic. Top professionals use ppc and paid adds on google face book, yahoo, and others. Average cost per click 8-15 dollars 

We have real American or Canadian clicks under 2 dollars per click!

For those who wish to generate traffic we have Traffic Academy with the latest and updated quarterly to keep you up to speed with the times.

Trend 2 On Line Sales Pro Training


A real business has a product or service that is sold for profit. What to Say, How to say it, and how to use paid advertising with social media. Even Capture page development  great program to explode any mlm or affiliate endeavor. 

Our link below

Trend 3 Branding yourself

Branding pic


A Very important step in on line business is branding yourself, having unlimited auto response with drip marketing is a must. Google Hang outs branded to you with a (Endless Free Leads 10) course taught by Max Stienggart

Max Steingart pic

responsible for training many top earners in several companies. Learn how to find 5 qualified prospects in less than an hour in most social networks!  


Trend 4  Video Stream Entertainment

communications pic


Today cable/dish are now deregulating and it is your turn to have a one time fee box that now provides even more per month than dish/cable could ever provide!

Live stream in SD, and HD, have 3D on your TV, apps, games, even Kerokee! 100,000 movies on demand, 50,000 plus tv shows live, past & present even surf the web!

Features of Solutions Will Profit 

On line tools that save monthly operation expenses for entrepreneurs in affiliate or network marketing.

These tools also multiply both weekly and monthly profits.

With 4 human personality types come 4 solutions that work synergistic in harmony with each one!

Each of the 4 solutions for entrepreneurs are one of the Top most in demand trends on the internet. 1. Traffic, 2. Education of on line sales, 3. On line branding, and 4. Entertainment.

Multiple solutions to profit with bringing multiple income streams in one place.

Advantages of Solutions Will Profit  

Live person help a text, call, or mouse click away when needed.

The best education of how too in each trend back office adjusted as tech and time progresses to keep you always on the best edge of your game!

Proven daily actions to profits both High Tech (new school on line) and High Touch (old school off line)

Over 1k potential with 10 people who capitalize on each trend in 1 month!

 ( most network marketing companies need over a hundred customers to even come close to a thousand in monthly earnings)

Benefits of Solutions Will Profit

Every Business on line needs traffic.

Every Business on line needs the education of how to get traffic.

Every Business on line needs the education of paid advertising in the social networks.

Every Entrepreneur needs to know how to find 5 qualified prospects in under an hour on line any day of the week.

We get paid to have the most in demand solutions that all on line business owners need to operate efficiently for maximum profits.

Disclaimer  with Solutions Will Profit  

(here & now income disclaimer no guarantees of income results vary on individual discipline of daily efforts to profits see all disclaimer details at

My wife and I spent less than 60 dollars to join each trend. Just under $240 + Investing a little less than that per month, keeps 10 clicks per day auto mated through our opportunities! We do not have to chase down friends and family to have a successful business.

Getting started with Solutions Will Profit  

Having a real business less than $500 per month with the potential for thousands per week is a blessing. As a kid my dad’s electric bill for his cafe cost over $900 per month & that was back in the 1980’s!

Entrepreneurship is not a free lunch just the best tasting one you will ever eat when prepared correctly.  Enter your info in our page click on each link in the blog post behind to get started in each trend.

Big bear with fish

The bear has mastered his skill of fishing to eat. When you know how to fish on line the family don’t go hungry. It is our honor to have the education with help her for you to achieve success with. Look forward to meeting you on line over the phone or at one of our events.

Solutions that profit in the 4 most in demand trends on line

Features of Solutions will profit

On line tools that save monthly operation expenses for entrepreneurs in affiliate or network marketing.

These tools also multiply both weekly and monthly profits.

With 4 human personality types come 4 solutions that work synergistic in harmony with each one!

Each of the 4 solutions for entrepreneurs are one of the Top most in demand trends on the internet. 1. Traffic, 2. Education of on line sales, 3. On line tools, and 4. Entertainment.

Multiple solutions to profit with bringing multiple income streams in one place.

Advantages of Solutions Will Profit

Live person help a text, call, or mouse click away when needed.

The best education of how too in each trend back office adjusted as tech and time progresses to keep you always on the best edge of your game!

Proven daily actions to profits both High Tech (new school on line) and High Touch (old school off line)

Over 1k potential with 10 people who capitalize on each trend in 1 month! ( most network marketing companies need over a hundred customers to even come close to a thousand in monthly earnings)

Benefits of Solutions Will Profit

Every Business on line needs traffic.

Every Business on line needs the education of how to get traffic.

Every Business on line needs the education of paid advertising in the social networks.

Every Entrepreneur needs to know how to find 5 qualified prospects in under an hour on line any day of the week.

We get paid to have the most in demand solutions that all on line business owners need to operate efficiently with maximum profits.

Click here

How to avoid the 97% failure rate in the most lucrative income production

Recognize Real Business in the most lucrative way to generate income, has 5 major elements and over 95% of start up companies go out of business in less than 6 months average time. ALL that went out of business hid one or all of the 5 elements!

To have success in your favor it is a must to understand why the failure rate is so very high. It is high because rather than show the path is not the most comfortable even though proven. They attempt to create this magical something for nothing rags to riches ability with a push of a button and hardly any efforts.

Most endeavors lead you to believe how easy it is to a million dollars because they have found the blue moon on Mars and its your turn to get on the rocket ship. By candy coating the pain as the new found want to get rich individual pays a little to begin. They slowly up the cost gradually as they convince you to up grade for the serious.

80% quit at that point feeling your misleading them and trust is broken!!! Understand a foundation on a lie always crumbles. So here we are going to share the 5 hidden pieces to a successful business producing profits. Than we will present how to have 5 major advantages in today’s market as an entrepreneur. From those facts the next move is all yours.

Element number 1 real business does not start free a possible free trial period but an investment for the business or Id number in the membership to profit with has to take place. Element number two Start up costs and monthly operation expenses.

The Business on a professional needs to be mapped out what are the daily actions to produce those profits that show the big bucks in the plan? How much does it really cost to accomplish that each time a presentation is viewed per month? What are the cost per month qualifiers for the higher pay for the same actions accomplished?

As a entrepreneur wanting to set realistic goals, wouldn’t it just make sense that if a bank needs to see quarterly reports with a five year plan of actions to profits, that you at least see what your total start up costs and monthly expenses are to produce the actions that make the profits?

Imagine how successful that fast talking business recruiter would be if the information above was displayed from the beginning. Rather than form a group of people based on a false Idea of something for nothing. Than share the truth it cost money after a few bucks were generated with the easy street to a million dollar income.

Sure you may get over 50% less people starting and joining the team yet when they see a real path and understand the bumps in the road that twenty percent who got started with no secrets or surprises does not quit and jump to the next shiny new toy promising something for nothing. True success comes from a foundation of truth

Element 3 All Business that is real requires a daily action to take place that leads to profits. New school on line methods and old school face to face methods still produce success every year. Both have learning curves and both take time and efforts not so comfortable as the skills are practiced as they develop the better the skill practiced the more profits produced.

Element number four 97% who attempt to earn in work from home opportunities fail.

Element number five over 95% of opportunities starting out offering the ground floor will be out of business with in 6 months time. If they start on a few thousand and go out with a few million they do not care who got hurt in the process.

We bring 5 solutions to the problems behind the largest failure rate in the most lucrative way to generate income on the planet. Who does not want a solution to a business expense that would profit them more money monthly as an entrepreneur?

    1. The potential to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in operation expenses monthly!

  1. Provide a how too education with each aspect of technology producing the most profits on the internet and how to implement those strategies. As things advance the new is replaced with the newest as tech stuff changes even monthly in this industry!

  2. Ability to purchase real clicks from US or Canadian people who have opted into a website stating they want a home business. Face book paid adds, Google Paid adds, Yahoo paid adds all run 8 to 15 dollars per click. We have clicks for under 2 dollars! We also market clicks under 2 dollars for entrepreneurs who have a business already and just want traffic.

  3. Four major trends with education in the back office allowing the how to get the job done to be a simple thing not rocket science or a major butt kissing contest with the guru.

    As an entrepreneur building on line or face to face 1 product or presentation only lines up with 1 personality type. Meaning 3 out of 4 times you share the mission it is the wrong one for that personality type. So we have 4 solutions that save entrepreneurs and have something for each personality type at each sitting keeping the odds for a new person on the team at their best!

  1. Live person coaching free with membership in one or all of the trends a phone call or mouse click away.

    Also Monday – Friday live radio show members can call into for a mastermind session with a 7 figure earner and trainer. Several people working the proven daily habits to profits share the experience together to allow whole group to grow and mature with maximum profits.

View all the information in link below Some will choose one option others will choose all four to capitalize on. Most common question asked is if only one option which one? TRAFFIC AUTHORITY.

Every entrepreneur on line needs traffic and the education of how to get it. Traffic Authority has both!

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