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On line tools providing an edge for entrepreneurs in 2019!

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How would it feel to have $500 to $1000 days with weekly pay? Can you imagine an all in one marketing system packed with education that has proven to create 7 figure earners on line? Would you consider real lead generation a major marketing skill set? Do you have the time to see truth over hype?










Solutions Will Profit Training Station

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It was a real treat to have my picture taken with one of my favorite mentors John Maxwell. I wanted to learn leadership from the best so I could lead by example.

Anti-Age Gel making headway as a solution in 2018!

History making demand overloads major distribution centers! Over 42,000 USA members in 8 months! People want to feel better, have more energy, and get more done in life.

Folks are earning with a product that has an over 90% re-order rate track record enjoy the presentation below!

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When you have a system built for the age of the internet with a trend products  the odds to success sure increase.  25 years on commission earnings never seen such a productive way to serve others. 

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Welcome to The Servants Team ministry outreach of Troy Montana!

Founded March 20th 2011 by Earl Teats and Darlene.

We saw a simple need for a Non-Denominational bible study folks who were in recovery or completely not able to leave the home to attend church. Beginning with a conference call a weekly study & now as well a Facebook live study.

It has been an honor to share the Word of God with any hungry for it. God has helped us personally from homeless and drunk in 2005 to 14 years alcohol free and spirit filled. We never claim to be perfect and praise God for the ability to repent and pray daily to improve HIS glory in the actions we live.

Religion is mans opinion of God’s wrath for human imperfection. The bible is a true testimony of the love of Jesus Christ. There is no other way but through him to eternal life.  I am not a judge that is God’s job. It is our honor to lead as many as we can to the love of Jesus Christ and trust his word for the rest!

Below you will find our facebook page that our Sunday Night with The Servants Team Bible study is live on 7pm Mountain Time zone each week. Leave any prayer requests or praise reports on this page.




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Archive Sermon videos below

4 steps to progress by Jesus November 18 2018 CLICK HERE!

As you may notice under recent post the home business options. Our Christian home business coaching has donated this blog post for the Servants Team Ministry Outreach. Entrepreneurship is a process that takes money, time commitment, and skill set development. 

In rural communities jobs can be non existent or scarce. People in recovery may have a record from poor choices in the past that can not be changed. Earl Teats was an on line business coach by profession before becoming a preacher. 

Entrepreneurship is an affordable path to create income for any who desires to learn. It is a process not an event to instant success. We are not using this page to promote business building but blessed the coaching company was able to donate this web space to provide recorded Sermons and lessons for those who could not attend in person!

The Servants Team Missionary out reach is grateful for this page being here to provide recorded sermons and classes.  Jesus says it pretty clear on real security to life in Matt. 6:33 Seek first the kingdom of God!